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SAP Primary Support Twitter channel




The main purpose of this twitter channel is to share the information created by SAP Primary Support with the customers. Up to now the main way customers have to access this information is searching notes, kbas or checking the SAP hot news.

With this channel we avoid that the customers have to do the search by themselves. Customers just have to follow our twitter channel and they will receive weekly some tweets with this information. They can also configure their twitter account to get the notification on their mails or mobile phones.

What information will be tweeted?



The most important information that will be tweeted are KBAs, Notes, Legal Changes, Ramp-up dates.  But any information that we consider that should be here will be tweeted.

As we have a lot of components in Primary Support, we wil use hashtags (#) to distinguish the content.

For example, on the picture above we can see there are three tweets, the first and the last one are two KBAs of two different components. We can see it looking at their hashtags: #SAP_KBA_CRM means that this is a KBA of CRM component;  #SAP_KBA_PAYROLL means that this is a KBA of PAYROLL component. The tweet in the middle is an important information we want to share even if the information is sent by other twitter channel.

Mainly our tweets will have a hashtag, a short description and one short link that will be used to expand the information if the information is interesting for the customer.

To what audience is this useful for?

This is not useful only for customers, but also for all SAP consultants. All people that work directly with SAP systems will find this information usefull for their daily work.

So you can start following @SAP_GSupport twitter channel. If you want to promote our channel, you can use the following signature:


DID YOU KNOW? There is a new SAP Support TWITTER Channel

where you can see the last news of SAP Support:


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