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As you’ve seen in the previous article, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is available now and is an integrated single access point to support resources from within the SAP Support Portal.

Accessing the SAP ONE Support Portal and Launchpad is easier than ever with the SAP Passport. The SAP Passport is a type of digital client certificate and represents a connection between your access data for your local machine and your access data for the SAP Support Portal.

Using the SAP Passport means you will no longer need to enter your user-ID or your password when you login. Each time you open the SAP ONE Support Portal and Launchpad the digital certificate will automatically recognise you. As you navigate through different areas or applications, the certificate will authenticate making working throughout the portal easy and straight forward.

The SAP Passport is especially helpful if you have multiple S-Users IDs or if you use multiple machines.  Please be aware that the browser certificate expires after one year so please make a note of your user-ID and password so you can re-apply.

Click here to learn more about installing and using the SAP Passport.

Ready to try it out?  The Launchpad is now live for you to use - Click Here

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