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As you’ve seen in the previous article the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is available now. It provides a seamless support experience and single access point to support resources from within the SAP Support Portal.

The Launchpad’s new and improved applications are based on the model of the award winning SAP Fiori technology. SAP Fiori design concept offers a clear structure and easy orientation without compromising on flexibility.  It also centers on a mobile friendly experience, real time computing and rapid innovation cycles.

SAP Fiori 2.0 technology has recently been awarded the 2015 Red Dot Award for its design concept. This award is to recognize creative minds and celebrate new design conception and innovation. It’s the world’s most prestigious and widely recognized symbol of design excellence.  SAP Fiori competed against over 5000 submissions to win this highly sought after award.

Combining Fiori technology in the Launchpad allows for a focus on the user experience and the ways in which they work. The result is a completely innovative approach based on SAP Fiori’s principles with the know me – guide me – help me: recognizing the user’s profile preferences, and behaviors, guiding the user through support tasks, and offering targeted assistance where required.

Gartner Inc. has published an article highlighting the change that this new design focus will bring:

SAP Fiori delivers a fundamentally different user experience by being centred on the tasks and activities that matter to the end user. In contrast to previous approaches by SAP, the Fiori experience is not limited to a functional area, but rather cuts across functional areas and end-to-end processes.”

SAP Fiori is proving again that this is unlike any other design initiative taken by SAP.  Instead, it is a radical new approach to the way people interact with SAP applications

The Launchpad and SAP Fiori design concept takes the personalized, responsive and simple user experience to the next level. It brings back the consumer-like approach to the applications and an improved support experience which is completely reimagined and focuses on being user friendly and simple.

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Ready to try it out?  The Launchpad is now live for you to use - Click Here