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With the general availability of SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 6 the new release 7.03 of SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management (SAP NetWeaver ILM) is now generally available for customers. It includes a variety of new and enhanced features that will help you to implement an holistic ILM strategy with more efficiency and at lower costs.


Below we discuss the highlights of the new release.

Storage and Retention Service (SRS) and Store Browser

You can use this ABAP-based service instead of the XML Data Archiving Service (XML DAS). This means you can use SAP NetWeaver ILM without a separate AS Java (on which XML DAS runs). Thus, you can simplify your IT landscape and reduce TCO. The SRS is complemented by the new Store Browser to be used for SRS-based information lifecycle management stores.

Rule Simulator

This new tool enhances the transparency of retention rules processing. By simulating ILM rule evaluation for an ILM object, you can view the prerequisites as well as the result in a log, based on specific values. The log for rule simulation provides you with an overview of all relevant audit areas, including the existing policies as well as the related BOR objects for which legal holds have been defined. Based on the simulator output, you can adapt the rules to obtain the desired results.

Legal Hold Management

This new ILM-specific function can be used as an alternative to SAP Case Management. It enables you to create and manage legal cases, perform e-discovery, display the related attachments and include them in the hold. It is currently available for use in live application systems only. The complete availability of this function in the retention warehouse system (system decommissioning scenario) is planned for future deliveries.

Cockpits for Retention Management and Retention Warehouse

Cockpits speed up the work of administrators by guiding them through the process. In this release the ILM Cockpits were further enhanced to become even more valuable for administrators. For example, the cockpit menu structure was reworked to correspond to the current process steps of each ILM application scenario. The ILM Cockpits are available in the Easy Access Menu of the application system as well as in NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC).

Pre-Delivered Tax Content

Customers using SAP NetWeaver ILM can perform tax audits based on legacy data (system decommissioning scenario) with the same content as in DART version 2.6e.

Transfer of Legacy Data to the Retention Warehouse

The number of steps for transferring legacy data into the RW system was reduced. You can now execute several transfer steps automatically. During the transfer of the archive administration data from the SN_META file, you can automatically transfer all repository tables from the legacy system to the RW system repository. The transfer and storage of the archive files can be automated. This means less manual effort for the ILM administrator and an accelerated data transfer process.

Enhance Data Quality in the Retention Warehouse

If meta data extracted by the context data extractor (CDE) is incomplete, you can add the required custom tables without having to access the legacy system (expert function). This process is performed in the retention warehouse system using a dedicated report. Another new function ensures that during the transfer of legacy data the system automatically verifies the unit of measure and currencies and adjusts them by adding missing entries. With these features you can enhance the quality of your legacy data and obtain a high degree of accuracy in reporting.


By using checksums you can ensure that the complete set of required legacy data has been transferred to the retention warehouse system. In addition to the archive files, the checksums function now also includes data from the database of the legacy (original) system. The legacy system must be connected via RFC.

Unstructured Content

The integration of unstructured content in ILM has further been tightened. SAP ArchiveLink pointers to attachments and print lists and can also be transferred to the retention warehouse (“pull” from within retention warehouse).  In the retention warehouse, the links can be stored as references for the required retention periods, based on rules of SAP NetWeaver ILM.

Another new feature improves the handling of print lists. Since print lists are not connected to business objects, they cannot be found and called in queries. Users are now able to find print lists and display them in the retention warehouse, using the standard SAP ArchiveLink viewer.


SAP NetWeaver ILM 7.03 is available today! It is included in the SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6 delivery. After installing SAP ERP EhP6 you only need to activate the relevant ILM business functions to start using it in a live system environment. To use it for system decommissioning, you need to set up a stand-alone retention warehouse system also based on SAP ERP EhP6.

The new ILM 7.03 features will help you reduce the complexity of your IT landscape and increase the productivity of your ILM administrators. So why wait any longer? Start using SAP NetWeaver ILM 7.03 now!

More Information

  • Release Note: Includes a full list of new and enhanced features.
  • Documentation: Contains the “operating instructions” for using SAP NetWeaver ILM.
  • Installation Note: Provides information on using SAP NetWeaver ILM in the context of SAP ERP EhP6.

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