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last update June, 11th 2011 

This blog bundles the information related to the SAP NW BW Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) the reference architecture for large scale BW DWHs/ EDWs.image

The documents listed below describe different facets of the LSA. New documents about LSA will be added from time to time depending also on your feedback.


For a first rapid walk thru the LSA please refer to SAP NetWeaver BW Layered, Scalable Architecture (LSA) for BI Excellence - Webinar Presentation.

Please find the different links to the LSA documents below:

  1. Blog: SAP NetWeaver BW: What is the BW Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) all about?
  2. Blog: SAP NetWeaver BW: BW Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) Building Blocks
  3. Blog: SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30: SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30: LSA Data Flow Templates Series - I. Introduction

More details in my Teched 2009 presentation: The Layered Scalable Architecture for SAP NetWeaver BW on a Corporate Scale’ – lecture BI302

May be a more general presentation from SAPSKILLS 2008 is also of value for you: SAP NetWeaver BI: Data Infrastructure und BI-Maturity – Data Marts, Data Warehouses (DWH), Enterpris...

(Don't become confused only the first two slides are in German :-))

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