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SAP Mobile Rapid Deployment Solutions offers a comprehensive mobile solutions portfolio. Our solutions cover key aspects of enterprise mobile enablement from infrastructure through app development to out-of-the box LOB/Industry mobile solutions. SAP Mobile Rapid Deployment Solutions offers more than 44 out of the box mobile apps than can be deploy in a matter of days or weeks.  Every SAP Mobile Rapid Deployment Solution offers High modularity which makes them fit to almost any customer size. SAP Mobile Rapid Deployment Solutions are divided in two main groups:

    • 3 rapid-deployment solutions around SAP mobile apps :
      -  43 SAP productivity apps
      -  SAP Work Manger
      -  SAP Mobile CRM sales 
    • 3 rapid-deployment solutions around SAP mobile platform: 
      -  Afaria
      -  SAP Mobile Platform
      -  Mobile analytics

To learn more about SAP Mobile Rapid Deployment Solutions, check out these SAPPHIRENOW & ASUG session in Orlando:

SAPPHIRENOW Sessions with SAP Mobile Rapid Deployment Solutions content:

Title:  Accelerate Adoption of Mobile Solutions with SAP Consulting Services ( Rapid Deployment Solutions)

Abstract: Transform your enterprise with mobile solutions and consulting services for all phases from strategy to operations. Learn how customers are adopting mobile solutions sustainably and securely.

Where: Mobile Campus; When: Show flow hours; Session Number: MO419; Type: Expert Table

TitleTake a Best-Practice Approach to Enterprise Mobility ROI

Abstract: This discussion focuses on whether the return justifies the massive investment in mobile devices, consumer-like mobile apps, and a bring-your-own-device program. Learn from peers on what ROI to expect. Discover best practices to lower the cost of IT investment.

Where: Mobile Campus; When:  15/05/2013 – 11:00 am; Session Number: 46961; Type: Microforum Discussion

TittleMake the Right Choice Between Packaged and Custom Mobile Solutions

Abstract: This discussion focuses on finding the right balance between packaged mobile solutions, which were once the standard, and custom solutions, which offered the most competitive advantage. Hear best practices from various industries that combine both tactics.

Where: Mobile Campus; When:  15/05/2013 – 2:00 pm; Session Number: 46294; Type: Microforum Discussion

ASUG Conference with SAP Mobile Rapid Deployment Solutions content:

TittleSAP Mobile Platform – Solution strategy, deep dive, implementation tools, and project tips to ensure user adoption and project success

Abstract Join this full day preconference seminar to hear the latest news and developments in the SAP Mobile Platform – including Afaria, Syclo, mobile apps and more.  Learn how each of the different components of SAP’s mobile platform can mobilize your enterprise processes, which ones are required, optional and how they integrate with SAP’s portfolio of business solutions. Then get hands-on and learn how to work with SAP mobile solutions by mobilizing one of the most commonly used SAP functions across the ASUG member base – processing workflows for leave requests, shopping cart approvals and more using the latest version of SAP Business Workflow Mobility. Hear how you can jumpstart your mobile projects with the latest implementation accelerators and support offerings from SAP’s rapid-deployment solutions for mobility.  We’ll  review the implementation methodology, predefined mobility scope, configuration tools and guides provided in these project accelerators. You'll learn how SAP' portfolio of mobile solutions are deployed, typical project time frames, tips and tricks, and what tools and accelerators are available to help you quickly mobilize your enterprise processes. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a panel of project experts and customers who will share their tips for project success, user adoption and lessons learned that you can apply in your next mobility project.

Where: ASUG Annual Conference 2013 - S220A: S. Concourse, L2; When:  13/05/2013 – 8:30 am; Session Number: 2; Type: Pre-conference Seminar

TittleRapid Deployment of Mobile Apps and Mobile Platform for SAP Business Suite

Abstract: The "Mobility" topic is a very hot topic for SAP, Customers, and Partners. In the past year, SAP released many new mobile applications as well as mobile platform and infrastructure components. Today, SAP has five different mobile rapid-deployment packages and several new packages are under development. In this session, participants will be introduced to the latest SAP mobile rapid deployment solution which enables online access to business data on iPhone, iPad and further devices such as Android and Windows 8-based smartphones. The attendees will gain insights into the mobile rapid deployment packages which are still in progress as well as packages which are planned for further releases. We will focus on the rapid deployment solution for the new SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Mobile Apps & Infrastructure, and SAP Afaria. We will also discuss SAP’s plans to for rapid deployment package for Syclo mobile solutions and how all those different packages and offerings can run together to provide complete, easy to implement, enterprise mobility solution. Everyone is invited to provide honest feedback on what they would like to see SAP focus on in this highly important domain area.

Where: ASUG Annual Conference 2013 - S311: S. Concourse, L3; When:  14/05/2013 – 2:00 pm; Session Number: 4203; Type:  Education Session

TittleMobilize your service personnel faster than ever with Syclo mobile apps and new project tools from SAP

Abstract: Mobilize your service personnel with everything they need to efficiently install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field.  In this session, you’ll learn how you can rapidly implement the SAP Syclo Mobile Work Manager to extend SAP ERP Plant Maintenance processes to your mobile workforce using new guides and tools from SAP rapid deployment solutions.  In this solution, predefined scenarios based on best-practices give you the configuration know how to set up and automate the distribution of work assignments to mobile service personnel and capture complete, timely and accurate data for SAP systems - right on their mobile device.  We’ll also review the prerequisite software releases and SAP ERP Plant Maintenance configuration required to enable integration with SAP Syclo Mobile Work Manager based on the new SAP rapid deployment solution scope. With this new implementation content and support from SAP and partners, the solution provides your team with an accelerated fixed scope and fixed price implementation of the Syclo Agentry Server Platform, Agentry Editor, and Syclo Mobile Work Manager with integration to SAP Business Suite.  Additionally, the solution covers the deployment, configuration, customization and provisioning of the mobile Work Manager business processes and UI. Come see a demonstration followed by a discussion on how you can rapidly enable your workforce with mobile access to SAP Enterprise Asset management via SAP Syclo Mobile Work Manager.

Where: ASUG Annual Conference 2013 - S311: S. Concourse, L3; When:  14/05/2013 – 3:30 pm; Session Number: 2604; Type:  Education Session



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