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Deadline is Friday, March 27, 2015.

Well this is a new experience. Having been the lead of the SCN team for the past 5 years, I’m not afraid to write a blog in the community, but this is a first.  As you may have heard, I’ve been appointed to take over the SAP Mentor Program and mark.finnern  has decided to move on to new (and I’m sure unusual ) things.

I am honored to be appointed as the strategic lead of the mentor program, and I am devoted to taking this wonderful program to the next level, providing additional sponsorship, support and recognition to enhance the contributions the SAP Mentors provide. In the coming weeks the mentors and I will share more information about the next level of the program and what developments are being implemented.

For now, another important topic is at hand, the nomination of new SAP Mentors.  This is the time for you to speak up and cast a spotlight on those in the SAP community who are exemplify their support of the ecosystem.

The "What would Marilyn do?" flash mob.

So think about the people who exemplify these attributes:

  • Active in community
  • Leads/mentors others
  • Altruistic reputation
  • Brings community to local events
  • Nurtures important relationships outside of SAP

Here are some details about each of the attributes.

Active in community

A mentor should be someone who is known as a community advocate. It could be that s/he is a rock star blogger, or it could mean that the person is someone who is known for pulling people together to achieve positive results.

Leads/mentors others

The mentor typically has some sort of following. This doesn’t mean that the mentor commands  a riotous mob. It could be a soft spoken set of thought leaders who take the lead of the mentor who helps them maximize their contributions to make the world run better.

Altruistic reputation

There are many levels of altruism that represent the characteristics of a mentor. At the high end of the spectrum, you might see a mentor heading off to the far corners of the world to support the efforts of mission groups like the Red Cross. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, this could be a locally minded individual who helps students learn about technology and how to use it to improve their lives and their communities.

Brings community to local events

A mentor wants to pay it forward by sharing knowledge and helping others reach their full potential. Whether this is demonstrated through a full blown Inside Track or through smaller meetups, there are always people who say that the mentor was someone who helped them learn and (potentially) changed their lives as a result.

Nurtures important relationships outside of SAP

There are a variety of ways the mentor demonstrates nurturing relationships outside of SAP. Some are members of one of the SAP User Groups (e.g. ASUG, DSUG, ISUG, etc.). Others choose to connect with groups like University Alliances or specific schools where students learn technology.

Do these attributes sound familiar to you? Do you know someone who should be an SAP mentor? Use the nomination form to put forward those who you think would be a great mentor.