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We are doing SAP Mentor Initiative webinar on an almost weekly basis, to bring the mentors closer to what is happening within SAP.

Today we had a session with 4 partners that have their solution on the SAP EcoHub. We thought it to be so interesting, that we opened this session up to the whole SCN community.

If you are interested in what it takes to be on the EcoHub with your solution, or just want to get a general overview, please check out the recording: 

The partner panel was:  

Steve L. Adams President and CEO Sabrix, Inc.

Mushtaq (Mush) Merchant President and CEO Task Performance Group

Lionel Carrasco Chief Technology Officer Neoris

Emmanuel Olivier WW Chief Operating Officer  Esker SA

Moderating the panel was Usman Sheikh SAP Vice President Global Ecosystem and Partner Group

 Here a couple of my quick notes: 

  • Partners are happy to have the opportunity to showcase their solution on the SAP EcoHub. It makes them discoverable by our customers, prospects and partners. 
  • The whole process to get their solution up on the EcoHub took them about a week. They agreed, that with some dedication you can do it now in a couple of hours.
  • Partners liked the fact that they are given a structure to put their content in, which made it a lot easier for them to create their pages.
  • They are getting leads, and quality leads at that, as these leads took the time to familiarize themselves with the solution before they even contacted the partner. That shortens the sales cycle. 

Quotes from the chat: 

  • (g) Harald Reiter:In the past whenever I was asked to help with vendor/solution selection I was already given the different options by my client and had little influence on recommending additional vendors/solutions - but that was before EcoHub. I can totally see this as an additional easy to access tool to help with this.
  • (g) Robert Briese: the three buttons "Demo" "Contact Me" and "Buy" open the same window
    -> It is the same window, but if you fill out the form, you get to a demo if you selected the demo buttion before. We will have to improve the UI there. 
  • (g) Robert Briese:As an application consultant, I would love to have a easy way to search for applications for a specific area (like portal) and download demo versions that I can install temorary on my system. I would be than happy to review and give my feedback and return regularly to EcoHub.
    -> For some partners that are offering SAAS solutions that is already possible. We are working on enabeling more demo capabilities. 
  • (g) Karin Tillotson:I will be using the EcoHub to look for the latest information from solutions we have in place (like SABRIX) and to research new solutions.
  • (g) Somnath:so each of these Partner Applications will have a Wiki page?
    -> That is possible already. The partners can create a wiki page within SCN and linck to it from their solution. 

Overall a really nice session. Thanks to the partners that presented. It was for all of them a first getting recorded on a webcam and they did great.

Check out the recording and let us know what you think.