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Up till now, the search for SAP innovations and new functionality in the SAP Product and Solution portfolio has often been challenging.  The new Innovation Discovery service, available on SAP Service Marketplace, has been created to help customers easily find what they are looking for.

Previously, customers had to deal with different tools to find relevant information which could be time consuming and sometimes confusing. As a result, the adoption of new developments was often not as high as SAP would like it to be.

A new tool has been developed to make it easier for customers to find out about new innovations to help their business.  It provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use overview of the product portfolio. Customers can explore a flexible menu with multiple drill-down options based on their current interests, use the powerful search, or even include usage data from their systems for the analysis. As a result, customers will get detailed information which supports their decision-making process for the implementation of new functionality.

With this attractive tool, the Innovation Discovery Service combines the functionality of Solution Browser, Enhancement Package-Infocenter and Business Function Prediction. Therefore, these tools will be replaced after a transition phase.

The main focus for the development of this free self-service tool was to make it easier for our customers. Using Design Thinking principles in close interaction with customers from different regions, the team collected customer requirements and feedback which resulted in a clean and flexible user interface.

According to Stefanie Matz, who leads this project, the key to the success was the closely aligned development of the underlying Product Feature Database, which is the main source for the Innovation Discovery:  “With this intuitive tool for our product owners to maintain data, we can ensure that there is attractive content available for the Innovation Discovery.”  The effort spent in both projects seems to pay off. Customer feedback is very positive from the testing phase and also since we went live in February: “The top three most liked features of the Innovation Discovery are the personalization; the easy-to-use and flexible drill-down, search and filter options; and the comprehensive results view with business and technical information.”

Initially, the content in Innovation Discovery covers the Business Suite.  In future, more products will be integrated into the Innovation Discovery Service to position the tool as the single source to discover new functionality across the SAP portfolio. Concrete projects to reach this goal have already started.

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