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SAP Labs Latin America is the unique research, development, support and services center for SAP in Latin America. As the Innovation Hub for the region, it is an strategic location, which has contributed enormously to SAP’s customers and partners over the years.

In June, 10 years of this continuous growth trajectory were celebrated and both employees and special guests came together to celebrate  the accomplishments of the location in different occasions.

The Anniversary events got started on June 6th with a special barbecue lunch for the employees. Clas Neumann, Head of the SAP Labs Network, welcomed everybody and highlighted this milestone.

On June 13th, the Autism at Work event happened at the Labs, aiming at increasing awareness on the inclusion of those with the autism spectrum disorder in the work environment. The event offered many insights for the +90 guests and showed them how SAP employs autitisc people and benefits from the Autism at Work program.

SAP Labs Latin America is one of the pioneers in the implementation of the SAP Autism at Work program in Latin America and currently employs 2 people with the spectrum.

On June 14th, the SAP Product Support Innovation Day brought together the Global SVP for SAP Support, Andreas Heckmann, executives and support consultants to share knowledge and experience to provide our customers with the best support possible. A CIO Roundtable gave the chance for the CIOs to discuss the next generation of support.

On June 16th, honorable people came to the location to join a special anniversary ceremony. Gerd Oswald, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Luka Mucic, Member of the Executive Board and CFO, Claudio Muruzabal, President of SAP LAC, Cristina Palmaka, Managing Director of SAP Brazil, Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter, Gerdau’s Group founder, Padre Marcelo Fernandes de Aquino, Unisinos’s Rector and José Ivo Sartori, Governor of Rio Grande do Sul state shared inspiring messages on how the Labs has fueled innovation and economic growth in the past decade. They also congratulated the location for becoming such a reference in Latin America and reinforced its contribution to the region as well as the importance of this milestone for SAP.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition given to the employees who have been part of the Labs since 2006 and are celebrating ten years with the company. They received a gift from Luka Mucic and remembered together how it all started during the 10 years of stories video.

Key customers, partners and authorities who participated in the ceremony were guided through an SAP Labs Experience, where they could see the latest innovations and success cases from this location.

Besides, a customer roundtable was organized with high-level SAP executives, including Luka Mucic, Cristina Palmaka, Anthony Coletta, Luis Cesar Verdi, Paulo Mendes, Stefan Wagner and Martin Stork. SAP clients got together with them to discuss the digital transformation and how to make businesses live.

On the same day, SAP opened doors for Startups, accelerators, angel investors and students, who came together to exchange knowledge and promote connections among the Startups ecosystem at the Startup Focus Forum Brasil. Key leaders, such as Luka Mucic and Manju Bansal – SAP Startup Focus Outreach & Engagement Lead – shared their insights to stimulate the new economy growth and talked about the benefits of the Startup Focus Program worldwide.

The event was also an opportunity for startups to position their businesses as innovation initiatives and gain visibility in the SAP network.

In order to foment the Startup market, SAP also promoted the SAP Innomarathon, a social program that fosters entrepreneurship and through which SAP provides the tools and support for Startups interested in expanding their businesses. 18 different ideas were showcased in the areas of social entrepreneurship, sustainability, education and public services.

Overall, the SAP Labs Latin America’s 10-year anniversary celebration was a unique opportunity for employees, customers and authorities to come together to acknowledge the great results we have achieved and start building the future together.

Here's to another 10 years of success!