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I’m 50 plus days out from my last post which is a result of driving and managing co-innovation versus just writing about or being entirely academic and studying its many effects on business.

This far out since my last posting, I risk becoming very random and non sequitur in my approach to try and tell everyone about the 12 plus projects in flight and another 10 still in some stage of being proposed and developed. I’m better off this time around just focusing on one particular project area. The one most front and center and occupying my time most of all is the COIL IoT Kickstarter program.

As described in a previous post, COIL Silicon Valley zeroed in on 3 projects to pilot the Kickstarter program; the first out of the gate being a predictive maintenance solution for Oil & Gas. I’m going to soon publish an updated blog post to share the latest so stay tuned.

There is of course a lot of other IoT action going on all over SAP and we are staying connected to these activities too. One event we are in fact hosting this Thursday is the HANA 4 IoT Unplugged Event.  It will focus heavily upon sharing several HANA IoT demos which is the result of the feedback received at the last event back in November, again sponsored by Cisco via the SAP HANA Social Networking Group.

Those registered and attending either here COIL Silicon Valley or via Cisco WebEx will hear partner co-innovation stories and see demos targeting Mining, Oil & Gas and other industries all focused upon HANA and IoT.

To spin back to COIL, one of the demos being shown will be from our Oil & Gas IoT project with MTell and Rolta.  MTell data scientist Alex Bates will provide insight into the project and the target solution which gathers big data from sensor signals to learn minuscule patterns of normal and errant behaviors that indicate degradation, failure, and root cause. Early degradation warnings allow intervention; fixing small problems before they become big ones.

It’s going to be a great event that also features a few drawings and prizes plus a Happy Hour at end of day.

For those fortunate enough to attend live you will be seated in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab which was uniquely designed to drive SAP co-innovation with partners. As you listen and learn throughout the day, take the time to imagine how you can partner with SAP at the COIL to pursue business challenges and forge new IoT solutions so that we will perhaps see you presenting at the next HANA IoT Unplugged series. If you are interested in pursuing co-innovation for IoT with SAP please make a point of connecting with us –we’d love to hear your ideas. It’s why we are here. Become part of what is an unstoppable force that accelerates getting innovation to market like nothing else.

See you Thursday!

Now it's Thursday and it's a super sight to see- demos, demos and more demos!