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I am writing this blog to share my experience on the recently concluded event "SAP Inside Track - Noida 2014". This is the first time I am attending SIT event.

The event was scheduled on 26th July, 2014, being held in Noida - Amity University. I along with my colleague sangita.purkayastha were traveling from Bangalore to Noida to attend this event. We left a day before the event from Bangalore and reached Noida around 15:30Hrs. To our surprise, we had the students of Amity University to receive us at the airport. It was really great and joyful to be greeted by students for a professional event :smile: . I had felt that instance itself that this event is going to be a little different than the usual. The drive from the airport to the Amity University took a good 1.5hrs through the heavy traffic in Delhi on a weekday ( Since I am from Bangalore, I am used to this :lol: ).

Once we reached the Amity campus in Noida around 17:00Hrs, I was really amazed looking at the campus. Its a beautiful campus with a large ground at the entrance itself. We were taken by the students to the hostel block where they had arranged the stay for us. After settling in the hostel rooms that were allocated to us, we had a good walk around the campus when we greeted by kumarmayuresh , who is part of the organizers for the event. There was enough sunlight till 19:30hrs for the students to play and we were watching the students playing in the ground. This made us nostalgic about our college days :smile: . We then had our dinner and eagerly waiting for the event day, went to bed.

On Saturday morning, we met Mahesh, who had organized this event, in the hostel block before our breakfast. We then moved to the F2 block where the event was to begin at 10:00Hrs. The event began with a dance performance by one of the student of Amity university. You never get to see this in a professional event :smile: . This again reiterated me that this event is going to filled with lots of fun and energy, just because the students who were part of the event.

The knowledge sharing sessions began after all the esteemed dignitaries addressed the participants for the event. The sessions were divided into 3 tracks - technical, functional and analytical. I was also a speaker for the technical track and had 3 sessions to present along with sangita.purkayastha . So was completely occupied in the auditorium where the technical track was being conducted. All the sessions in the technical track were really informative. Almost every session had a demo which was really good. Some of the highlights of the various sessions in technical track are ( the order of the below highlights does not indicate any priority :smile: )

  1. The session given by Mahesh on Big Data, which gave a larger perspective of what Big Data is about and the various industry players in this space.
  2. The session given by hasan.rafiq on ABAP in Eclipse: It gave a good overview of the Eclipse IDE capabilities that ABAP developers can benefit from using the ABAP in Eclipse tools.
  3. The 3 sessions from entire team of Vikalp Solutions shared in depth sessions on mobile application development which was very informative (  Nishant, Himadri, Yatisha, Rohit Chauhan, Saurabh Mishra, Vishal Srivastava, Shilpi,  pranjal.savapandit , ashish.baghelhemendra.sabharwal
  4. The session given by Abhishek Kumar Singh on HCI was well perceived as it was really informative for the audience.
  5. The Demo of Gateway by the team of Krishna Chauhan, Rahul Sinha and Tarun Gambhir was really good.
  6. Me and sangita.purkayastha had given 3 sessions: Get into Cloud with HCP, Jumpstart to HANA XS in SAP HCP with Web IDE, Extend SuccessFactors using HCP

It was 18:00Hrs by the time all the sessions were finished and we were a little tired after a day of information exchange. To cheer up the participants, there was a performance of solo dance and solo singing by the students of Amity, which really brought in cheers among the participants and completely re-energized the entire people in the auditorium including the student volunteers, who had done a fantastic job for organizing the event and taking care of the participants who came to attend the event. The event concluded with we all singing our national anthem and having a group photo.

Really appreciate all the efforts from Mahesh, Mayuresh and every one from the SIT event organizing committee, for putting in such a great event for sharing knowledge and networking within the SAP community. Also, I really thank Amity University and their student volunteers for all the hard work they have put in hosting this event. The hospitality of Amity students was really superb. Overall, I enjoyed every moment of this event and am really looking for the next SIT event.