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Community Manager

This Monday, over 130 Israeli community members attended the annual SAP Inside Track Israel event. SAP Inside Track events are all about community. What emphasized that for me more than anything else was to see many participants from last year's event. This showed me that they find the event valuable and not only that they come again, but also bring friends/colleagues with them..


This year we decided to focus on SAP Cloud and UX topics based on a pre-event questionnaire where people could rate what presentations they wanted to attend.



Before splitting into two tracks; Business and Techie (click here for the full agenda) we had a Welcome  Keynote by Ofer Milavski, COO of SAP Israel (local field marketing unit) and the new MD of SAP Israel Labs, Orna Kleinmann. Ofer talked about the feasible day to day aspects of SAP Cloud and UX and Orna shared the local connections to these products and encouraged participants to personally meet the SAP employees that are a part of the development of these products in the Techie track. This was a great opportunity to acquire information and best practices.




      [Orna Kleinmann, Keynote]                      [Ofer Milavski, Keynote]                     [Gali Kling Schneider, SCN introduction]


After the welcome Keynote, Gali and I introduced SCN and how can one benefit from SCN in his daily work. While we shared the agenda of the event we encouraged people to engage SCN using the QR codes that were placed in the event's agenda and to ask questions relaed to the presentations they attended via the event's blog. Another nice aspect of the day was that together with local UX team we enabled participants to share feedback on the future SAP UX in special 1 on 1 sessions.



[Full house]                              [Yummy Breakfast]                                [Ran Styr and me*]


* I'm smiling because finally I'm on the other side of the camera and have a souvenir from the event :smile: .


At the end of the day we had a summary and feedback session. I was surprised by the amount of people that attended it although it was after lunch and already pretty late. We were very happy to receive the positive feedback but also what they would like to see different next year. I invite the community members who participated in the event to continue sharing their experience in the comments section below.


Thank you all for a great event and hope to you see next year as well!