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Thanks to everyone who have registered for the event. We are happy to share the event details

A big thanks to our sponsors TCS - Hosting Partner, SAP Press.

Session Content - Presentation slides


Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4


1. Total Schedule of each presentation is 40 minutes.

    Presentation time     :     30 min.
    Q&A time                 :     10  min.

    Transition time         :      5  min.

2. Please carry your Govt. ID card( Original ) for Security check and Visitor Pass.

3. No spot registrations strictly, Be there at security before 30 mins.

4. Food arrangements are made by TCS.

5. TCS will not allow Camera, USB, Storage device etc

6. No Laptops or any other media allowed

7. There will be no wifi/ internet facility will be provided.

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