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“A day spent well “– that was on 8th July 2017 at SAP Labs Bangalore.

SAP Labs was filled with energetic, bright and enthusiastic sap community members for one of the awaited public event - SAP Inside Track 2017 Bangalore.

With 600+ registrations, 15+ sessions, 4 tracks, the event attracted tech and business enthusiasts all over India from various organizations.

Starting right from 8.00 A.M attendees and speakers started arriving into the campus wearing the SIT event bands which looked really cool instead of having a boring traditional ID tags.

The organizers and volunteers were all over the place to receive, guide and help the attendees and speakers directing them to the welcome note area.

The event witnessed high degree of networking since the participants and speakers were from different companies, enabling them to collaborate and share experiences and connect with one another.

At around 9.30, the entire indoor cafeteria was jam packed for the welcome note by Mr. Vishnuprasad who is the VP of SAP cloud platform core services who gave a lot of insights on the cloud platform services, the road map of SAP CP and the latest innovations in the cloud space. He also gave detailed answers to many questions from the participants & speakers.

Following next, was the remote welcome note from SAP mentors program and advisory team members.

tammy.powlas3 , jason.cao, graham.robinson

At around 10.30 the SIT airplane started to speed up with 4 parallel tracks having continuous sessions by the best of the experts both from SAP as well as from other organizations.

All the sessions were carefully planned taking into account the interest and expectation of the community which covered leading cutting edge topics including SAP Leonardo, IoT services 4.0, Block chain, S4/HANA, etc.

Lunch time served as a good time for many of the participants and speakers to have some casual chat over the lunch tables.

For the very first time in SIT (in India) , I noticed expert chat lounge arranged for the attendees to easily approach the available experts and to have a chat over the topic of interest which was received exceptionally well.

On a lighter note, there are some of the memorable and funny moments that I would like to share:

The event witnessed mixed numbers in terms of session attendees.


Agile Agenda:

There was a change in the agenda after the first half of the event and it was due to a speaker’s non-availability which made the organizers to run around to fit in other sessions following the cancelled one. The updated agenda kept rolling within few minutes (I am sure the organizers are following Agile methodology in their projects  😛 ).

Confused attendees:

As one of the sessions was cancelled, there was some room for accommodating another session in the place of the cancelled one and few attendees were unaware of this and just entered with the mindset of expectations related to the cancelled session and were totally left puzzled J  which was like “WHAT DOES TRIGNOMETRY TO DO  IN THE  BIOLOGY HOUR !!!!” .. That was really funny …


Overall experience:

The event served its core purpose of enabling learning with fun and networking.

There were couple of changes during the event and the changes were handled really quick and announced (volunteers and organizers played a key role throughout the event).

The organizing team had lot of learnings and feedbacks which are analyzed and have already started reflecting in the series of events that were organized following SIT BLR 2017.

The volunteers and organizers were in perfect sync throughout the event which kept the show running smooth without any complaints.

Want to be a part of our exciting and fun loving team? We welcome each of you to participate, organize, volunteer and spread knowledge to the community.

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