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SIT Bangalore had a fabulous opening with uma.maheswaran (Vice President , SAP Labs India) giving Key Note on SAP Product Strategy and on Digital Transformation.

Key Note was well received and generated lot of interests.His presentation summed up pretty much everything which was there on agenda .(SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2015 - Agenda )

This time we had 5 tracks and each track had 4 sessions. All most all session went pretty much full. Saw few sessions where people had to stand as well :smile: .

I presented SAP HANA Cloud Platform topic where I covered HCP overview,services available,HCP use cases and HCP roadmap .I summarized what's available on and also took opportunity to tell developers how they can subscribe to HCP trial account.It was great to see the overwhelming  interest from developers on HCP.

Also my colleague anuj.mehta explained one of the upcoming service from HCP(Gamification Service) in detail and as well showed a demo how SAP HCP Gamification Service can be integrated in an application.It also generated lot of interest as well.

You can as well try it out by following Integrating SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification Service into an Issue Tracking Tool (JIRA)

Overall It was a great experience and would like to thanks entire team for pulling this off.Thanks to everyone who where involved in making this event successful.