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Have you been a user of SAP Innovation Discovery to keep yourself informed of the innovations and features across the SAP product and solution portfolio? We have some important news for you!

SAP’s Innovation Discovery service has been available on SAP Support Portal offering a fast and easy way to discover SAP innovations - however the tool will be shut down by March 31, 2021.

Most of the services you have enjoyed so far on SAP Innovation Discovery have been migrated to the SAP Road Map Explorer. Therefore, as of April 1, 2021 we invite you to use SAP Road Map Explorer and SAP for Me instead. View the latest road map content by product, process and industry on SAP Road Map Explorer tool & use SAP for Me for individualized overview of all innovations related to your installed product portfolio.


SAP Road Map Explorer offers:

  • The latest road map content by product, process, and industry

  • Awarded user interface & easy to navigate

  • Direct access to detailed capability and feature information, and to their value proposition

  • Harmonized view with “slice and dice” and personalization functionalities

  • Continuously updated content


SAP for Me offers:

  • Access to all innovations related to the installed product portfolio

  • Role-specific customer portal for easy interaction with SAP

  • Dashboards focusing on overviews and important alerts, metrics, and insights.

  • Access with an S-user, or via the free-trial version


Have you not tried SAP Road Map Explorer yet? Start exploring now: Watch the launch video to find out more. For further insights please read these blog posts as well: “Use the SAP Road Map Explorer in 5 steps!” and “SAP Road Map Explorer: The New Way of Viewing Road Maps”.