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The SAP InnoJam event format

In recent months SAP has created and developed many new technologies and is proactively reaching out to more users of SAP software than ever before. An important approach to achieving this goal is the proper definition and communication of SAP’s technology strategy to the SAP community.

The SAP InnoJam (InnoJam) event format supports this approach by providing the SAP community with hands-on experience to the newest and best technologies that are currently developed at SAP, on-site support by experts during the event and a collaborative and competitive experience around innovations with SAP software.

So InnoJam is not only supporting and accelerating co-innovation and collaboration between SAP and its ecosystem partners but also creates excitement around SAP technologies in the SAP ecosystem.

InnoJam was initiated during SAP TechEd 2010 in Berlin and followed by SAP TechEd 2010 in Las Vegas and Bangalore. The feedback provided by the participants was so positive and the feedback SAP experts received for the technologies they presented was so useful that this event is now re-produced on a broader scale.

How it works

The SAP InnoJam starts with a Technology keynote. It refers to SAP’s technology strategy explaining how the different SAP technologies and products are embedded in this strategy.

During the TechFire segment SAP experts present specific SAP technologies within a 6 minute presentation time limitation. The TechFire gives participants a rough understanding of technologies that they will be able to use during the event. These technologies may not even be available or released to the market yet; so attendees get access to the newest evolving technologies of SAP, including access to sandbox systems during the event. The number of technology presentations should be restricted to maximum of 8 presentations so that the TechFire runs a maximum of one hour.

As innovation should have real-world context and scenarios the BizFire segment gives business owners an opportunity to showcase 6-minute long examples of business scenarios that participants could choose to work on during the 24 h Innovation Slam. The number of business cases is restricted to a maximum of 8, too.

The Innovation Slamis the actual work and collaboration time during which participants can build prototypes based on the presented technologies they have been exposed to duringTechFire and supporting one of the business scenarios of the BizFire segment. The participants decide during the Team Building time which business scenarios  they wish to implement and create a prototype for it. During the Innovation Slam they can use whatever SAP technologies they already know in addition to having access to on-site SAP experts who can guide them to work with the technologies presented at the TechFire.

After 24 hours the teams are asked to present their completed prototype at the InnovationFirewithin the limits of a 6-minute presentation. After all teams have presented their prototypes a jury selects the “winner” of the InnoJam. The prototype of the winning team automatically becomes a candidate for the SAP TechEd DemoJam competitions. The DemoJam team decides, if and how the winning team participates at the DemoJam during SAP TechEd.


InnoJam is a 30 hour (not more than 32 hour!) event that seeks the participation of SAP community members with good skill sets around one or more SAP technologies (developers) or community members with good skills around specific business processes or industry expertise (business expert). A suggested mixture of resources for an InnoJam event is 70% developers and 30% business experts.


Ideally the number of participants for an Innovation Weekend should be around 150 people. A maximum of 200 participants should not be exceeded.

Event Scenarios

InnoJam began as an event that was scheduled on the weekend before the SAP TechEd.

But it is also used SAP internally like during the SAP HANA InnoJam. The SAP HANA InnoJam ran on four SAP offices at the same time and the winners of this event went to We proudly present... SAP HANA InnoJam Finals  Winner!.

InnoJam can also be held as a “private” event at an SAP customer/partner where the participants can work within their own infrastructure and address specific business cases that are relevant to them and also work with SAP technologies they want to use to cover these business cases.

But if there is enough regional demand InnoJam can also run as a stand-alone event to reach out to a larger number of interested SAP community members like for the SAP InnoJam 2011 in the Netherlands (Jun 24-25) or the SAP InnoJam 2011 in Australia (Jul 30-31).

More Information

In case you want to stay up-to-date regaring SAP InnoJam don't miss to visit our SAP InnoJam website. You'll see the next upcoming events and more details on this event series.


Q: How are the participants divided into teams?

Each participant joins the team that she/he is most comfortable with. No assignment.

Q: What is the Twitter hash tag used for SAP InnoJam?

The official hash tag is #SapInnoJam.


Rui Nogueira on behalf of the SAP InnoJam Team