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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

How to get started on “Integration”:

SAP enables our partners and customers to become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise by bringing together our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and technology in service to the business process needs.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as choice of Technology Platform for SAP’s solutions Portfolio to accelerate the path to become Intelligent Enterprise.

  • It starts with our platform technology that provides the foundation of application integration, extension to a robust ecosystem of solutions, and data and AI.

  • Then our industry-leading business applications work together spanning front-end and back-end systems that only SAP can provide.

  • This all comes together to provide customers the end-to-end, industry specific business processes they need to run as an intelligent, sustainable enterprise.

SAP partners are foundational to the SAP ecosystem. They bring together knowledge of unique business requirements with a deep understanding of the SAP data domains and processes we rely on. To deliver on this commitment, it is important to focus on Integration.

Intelligent Enterprise

SAP ICC Integration Technology Guide:

To understand how to build the integration of your application with SAP solutions, SAP ICC Integration Technology Guide can be considered as first-hand reference document.

We have outlined the overview of SAP technology platform, SAP business solutions and their integration options and other available integration tools. While creating your solution blueprint, focusing on the integration path is an important step to productize your solution.

Through this guide, you will be able to find the answers for questions like:

  • How to develop new applications on SAP technology platform

  • How to integrate your applications with SAP solutions using technologies and connectors recommended and supported by SAP

  • How to enhance the SAP solution with certified extensions, integrations and content

With mix of SAP and third-party business solutions in your heterogenous infrastructure, keeping core undisturbed and also equally important is to use the right integration methodology.

SAP ICC Integration Technology Guide: SAP ICC Integration Technology Guide


Built partner IP can also be certified by SAP through the certification service offering from SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC). For details, contact