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After touring the incredibly unique Zenith conference grounds earlier today, the location for the SAP Hybris Summit 2016, I have no doubt that customers, partners and influencers will be impressed and enlightened by what’s in store for them. Not only were parts of the conference facility built from scratch and in record time to accommodate the sold-out crowd, the demo area gets prominent treatment this year, and is center to all the activity in the main plaza.

One stand-out is the Bullseye demo from Hybris Labs. The intent of Bullseye is to showcase the cutting-edge capabilities of in-store customer engagement and analytics, via a candy store environment, according to Sven Haiges, a tech strategist with Hybris Labs and creator of the Bullseye demo.

Here’s how it works: Visitors to the Bullseye demo fill out a questionnaire at the smart candy shelf and by “blinking” or lighting up some of the candy selections, the retailer is able to recommend additional products. The candy selection is saved under a new YaaS (Hybris as a Service) customer account which attendees pick up a few feet away in the checkout area.

Sound sweet? Be sure to check out Bullseye if you’re attending in person and learn more about SAP Hybris Labs prototypes here.

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