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SAP HANA Vora @Spark Sumit Europe 2015, Oct 27-29

See all the ways SAP extends Apache Spark framework with in-memory computing to help enterprise customers with Big Data challenges.

Attend keynote, technical session and sign-up @Sap booth to understand SAP HANA Vora and other solutions delivering enterprise-class processing capabilities for Big Data.

SAP HANA Vora is an in-memory query engine for Apache Spark and Hadoop that provides valuable business context by combining enterprise data in HANA with data in Hadoop. The engine runs on Apache Spark framework and provides

  • Data hierarchies to perform drill-down analysis with enhanced Spark SQL semantics
  • Enriched data sets from enterprise sources using mashup based on Spark SQL Data source APIs
  • Bi-directional data integration between SAP HANA and Apache Spark with adapter

At the event we will have,

  • Keynote by Franz Faerber : Spark for Business Prime Time,  on Thursday, Oct 29th @ 9:30AM
  • Developer track session by Stephan Kessler: The Pushdown of Everything @5:10 PM
  • SAP sponsored Meetup on Tuesday @6:00PM
  • SAP HANA Vora Developer Edition signup @ the booth (restricted to approved users)


Amit Satoor