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Time passes by very quickly and SAPPHIRE NOW is once again amongst us. I have been personally very heavily involved over the last few months in the planning process for SAP’s flagship innovation platform on the SAPPHIRE NOW show floor and I can confidently tell you to start preparing yourselves for an amazing and exciting experience. In case you have been disconnected from all outside communication for the last year, and don’t know what on earth I’m talking about I’ll give you a little hint: its something that lives in memory and travels at the speed of thought! (If you still don’t know what I’m talking about take a hint from the title of the blog)

The cornerstone of the SAP HANA experience at SAPPHIRE NOW is our SAP HANA customers. You will get to hear directly from our SAP HANA customers around their experience with the platform and how they are putting it to use to solve some of their most complex problems across multiple industries and lines of business. You will hear how SAP HANA has allowed them to analyze massive amounts of data and develop insights into various aspects of their business that they never thought were possible before. You will also hear about their experience installing and implementing SAP HANA and learn about best implementation practices that can help you implement and go live quickly in a short amount of time. So make sure to look for customers in your preferred industry on the online Agenda Builder and add their session to your personal agenda.

In case you are itching to actually touch and feel the SAP HANA platform we have something in store for you as well. We will have 8 Test Drive Tables on the Database & Technology campus with SAP HANA appliances that will be showcasing an array of different applications ranging from Business Analytics, to Big Data to Predictive and Text Analysis use cases and consumer facing applications. And for all the techies that want to see the guts of the technology we will have two demo tables focusing on the SAP HANA architecture and data management and provisioning tools that will take you through an in-depth technical tour of the platform. We will also be showcasing some very innovative applications that have been developed by leading startups on top of the SAP HANA platform. So if you will be at SAPPHIRE NOW make sure to drop by the Demo Pod area and test drive some of the the latest SAP HANA apps.

If you are coming in person to the event then make sure to pick up your personal copy of the completed chapters of the "SAP HANA Essentials" book that we will be handing out at the event. This is the first SAP HANA book that is is being released and is designed to cover the various aspects of the HANA technology and take you through the different business use cases. The full book won't be released before SAP Teched in Las Vegas later this year so make sure to get your early copy before leaving Orlando.

There will also be 4 discussion tables on the Database & Technology campus floor that are dedicated to answering any questions you might have on SAP HANA. Starting from how to build the business case internally for the platform and calculate the total cost of ownership, to how to implement the platform quickly through SAP’s various services, Rapid Deployment Solutions, and custom build applications. There will also be tables covering SAP’s Database and Data Warehousing strategy in case you are undecided between Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, and SAP HANA and want help identifying the best solution for your particular need. These discussion tables will be online throughout the entire event so you can just drop by and our experts will help you with your questions.

Finally, SAPPHIRE NOW is not all about innovations, platforms, and applications. It’s also a time for SAP to connect and have fun with their customers and partners. So in addition to the Van Helen concert on Wednesday night, there are several special activities planned for SAP HANA customers throughout the event. These activities are by invitation only so make sure to inquire from your SAP contact to find out about the right event for you. I look forward to seeing you all at the event. Enjoy your time at Sapphire and have a safe flight.

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