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SAP for Me users, your feedback is important to make SAP for Me work for you! If you don’t like something or if something even doesn’t work for you at all – we want to know to change it! There is a place for your feedback in SAP for Me.

For those who are wondering at this point what SAP for Me really is and who it is for, I recommend the two blog posts:


Well, briefly about me. In the SAP for Me team, I am responsible for the feedback functionality in SAP for Me, among other things. Therefore, it is important to me that you get along with the feedback functionality. On the other hand, of course, my main concern is your feedback itself. Our team wants to provide nothing less than the best customer portal for you.

All types of feedback are important

As you move through SAP for Me, you may encounter one of the points below:

  • You have an idea or feedback that could contribute to an improvement

  • You have discovered a bug

  • You are missing a functionality to perform your work

  • You want to be involved early in the development of new features

  • You need support or have a question

Let me outline the different ways to contact us, to address your concerns. In order to process your feedback in the best possible way, we have provided several channels so that your input goes directly to the appropriate team to be solved as quickly as possible.

Find everything in one place

You don’t have to search for these channels, as we have brought them all together in the feedback slider that you can access at any time and from everywhere in SAP for Me. It is always on the right side of the page and connects you with our influence portal as well as the support functionality and the usability feedback tool. You can even follow our twitter hashtag #SAPforMe from here.



In the following, I will go into a little more detail about the individual feedback channels.


Rate the current experience of SAP for Me

How you rate SAP for Me is very important information for us. It quickly gives us an impression of whether we are getting better. Therefore, it is also quite intentional that you give us a rating every now and then.

The feedback process starts with a star rating, followed by a short categorization of your concern. This helps us to categorize your feedback and pass it on directly to the right contact person.

Important: During this feedback flow, you can use the "Contact Me" feature if you want to discuss your feedback in a private “face to face” session. This will give you the opportunity to participate in the design process and explain the details of any suggestion you may have.

You do not always have to fill in all the following questions. Although, of course, this gives us an even better understanding of what you miss, for example.


Share your requirements and ideas

We experience this ourselves: When you think about SAP for Me, many things come to mind that you could implement in SAP for Me. Of course, it's not enough just to implement our own ideas. In fact, it's more about knowing your requirements and incorporating them into SAP for Me wherever possible.

The Influence Tool, which is also accessible via the feedback slider, offers you the platform to share your ideas with us, check out the ideas of other users and even rate these ideas.

By the way: You can also access the SAP for Me page in the SAP Influence Portal directly via


Report a bug

If you have found a bug on SAP for Me, use the "Report a bug" feature to open a support incident and contact our support team so we can fix the problem. Find out more in the blog post Reporting Incidents in SAP for Me.


Directly engage with us

Want to be more active and test features with us that we have in our design phase right now? Perfect, we can involve you in new developments at an early stage and connect you with our usability tests. A usability test is not about testing your knowledge about SAP products, instead SAP for Me is put on the test bench. We offer several sessions in a regular basis to take a closer look at planned features with you.

The best way to find out the dates for these sessions is to follow me here in the SAP Community.


Where you can find more information

At the beginning of this blog post I already mentioned two other blog posts. Finally, I would like to come back to the already available SAP for Me features, content you might like to review first. To get an overview of SAP for Me, I recommend our website. By the way, this will be significantly expanded again in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, since we are often asked, here is the link to “What authorizations do you need in order to fully leverage SAP for Me?”.


I hope you like this blog post and you enjoy providing us feedback.
We look forward to hearing from you!