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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The Next-Generation Cloud Delivery program is accelerating the speed at which many SAP cloud solutions are transitioning to leading-edge cloud infrastructures. To best support your customers through this journey, it is critical that you have insight into the data center migration plans and schedules in advance for each of your impacted SAP customers.

New: SAP for Me Next-Generation Cloud Delivery Cards

We are excited to announce two new cards now available in SAP for Me for Partners found under Customer Success. This information provides you the details you need to engage with your customers to ensure they are prepared for the Next-Generation Cloud Delivery migration journey.

  1. Next Generation Cloud Delivery Schedule Summary Card

    • A view of all your impacted customers.

    • Migration status and progress to completion date.

    • The number of scheduled migrations for each customer. Categorized within a 30/60/90/180 + day - prior to the migration start date.

To view more details on a specific customer, click the arrow to the far-right column for each customer

  •  2. Customer-Specific Data

    • Once you have selected the customer details, you can view the plan for that specific customer on their Next-Generation Cloud Delivery journey by SAP solution.

      • Current data center location

      • New data center location

      • New infrastructure planned

      • Migration dates: start and completion*

      • Migration status**Migration status and dates are subject to change

Next-Generation Cloud Delivery Communication Plan:

  • Customers: SAP will communicate and engage with all customers directly in the transition process. On the first of each month, notifications will be sent directly to all affected customers (direct and indirect) providing them with advance notifications and directing them to SAP for Me (customer view) for migration schedules and details.

  • Partners: Partners will receive notification updates monthly from – approximately two days prior to the customer communications send out.
    Access SAP for Me to see the Next-Generation Cloud Delivery data center migration schedules and details for each of your SAP customers impacted.

Take Action:

  • Review SAP for Me Next-Generation Cloud schedule and plans for each of your customers.

  • Engage your customers well in advance so they are well prepared for upcoming migrations.

  • Leverage the Partner Playbook to get the details of the migration plans, customer value, guidelines, timelines, and key resources.

  • MEE Region:  A minimum of 30-day advance notification is required for Partners to send direct notification to their customers to be legally binding.  If you have affected customers in MEE region, please engage with them as early as possible to ensure they receive the customer notification. The customer notifications can be found on the specific line of business page on SAP Partner Portal. 


Stay Informed:

Visit SAP Next-Generation Cloud Delivery Overview on SAP Partner Portal


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