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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP for Me is your digital companion to easily interact with SAP and get immediate guidance to the best solution. With a personalized access, SAP for Me aggregates alerts, metrics, and insights about your SAP product portfolio with a single access point.

Launched in 2020, SAP for Me is the new platform that allows SAP customers to get access to all information you need concerning your product portfolio in one single point.

Access is granted though your s-user and universal ID. This includes a personalized view on product-, order-, case handling-, consumption-, system- and balance statements and access to the communication center to provide you with your notifications at a glance. You can find the SAP - and contractual contacts on the product detail page where you are also able to assign product related contacts of your company. With these capabilities you expedite effective decisions with a single source of truth and an easier access to data and trainings, increasing the ROI of your SAP investment.

With SAP for Me available to all customers, SAP achieves its goal of having three primary access points to the digital experience of SAP. is the digital front door, which provides interested parties information specific to their preferences. Customers will use SAP for Me as their personalized customer portal, and SAP Community serves as the central engagement and knowledge-sharing platform. All three work intelligently together to provide a seamless customer experience across all types of digital interaction with SAP based on a shared structure and technical foundation.

Everyone with a valid s-user and universal ID is free to use SAP for Me. Get started today and watch the preview video. 

For all customers, who have access to the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, we have developed a new Learning Program that guides you though all features and possibilities that SAP for Me will bring. Learn how you can build on SAP for Me to get the most out of your SAP investment.

Get enabled on how to

  • easily access a personalized product overview (on-prem and cloud)

  • get an enhanced transparency into your billing processes, license consumption, contract management and systems provisioning

  • work with your SAP for Me dashboards: Finance & Legal, Support & Maintenance and System & Provisioning

  • get easier access to notifications, events and trainings

Click here to access the Learning Program:

SAP for Me - The Customer Portal for the Intelligent Enterprise*

* To join the Enterprise Support learning session you must use your S-user ID and register for the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support (SAP Learning Hub).

Please find here the steps on how to sign-up for the Support Edition:

  1. Navigate to the sign up page 

  2. Click the Sign up Authenticate yourself with your s-user ID and password. Upon first access, the system will check your eligibility, create a new SAP Learning Hub user, and populate your learning catalog respectively.
    Within two hours, you will then receive a registration confirmation via e-mail.

  3. After you have received the confirmation e-mail, the registration process is complete.