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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Overview of Features

If you are in a role where you are responsible for system maintenance and support as a Partner, there are lots of interesting areas for you.


Customer Products, Licenses, Systems, Support


In the Customer Success Dashboard, under the Contracts tab, you can find information about your customers.


By clicking on the Customer ID in the Active License Sales Order with Service Provider card, you are brought straight to the Customer Details Dashboard for that specific customer, directly to the Portfolio tab.

Under Portfolio, you can see the Products, License Materials and Systems information for that customer.


General Dashboards

If you are also a customer of SAP, you can see information about your systems, provisioning, support incidents, and more in the customer dashboards. You can learn more about the newly redesigned Services & Support Dashboard in this blog: Experience the Newly Designed Services & Support and Systems & Provisioning Dashboards in SAP for Me

Further Resources

   Accessing SAP for Me

  • Access from

  • You must have an S-User ID which is linked to your Partner record​

  • Access to specific cards in SAP for Me is based on the authorizations assigned by your Partner User Administrator.

  • You can learn more about authorizations in SAP for Me and see the authorizations required for each card in our blog: What Permissions do you need for SAP for Me for Partners?



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