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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Overview of Features

If you are in a role where you are responsible for Customer Success, the Customer Success Dashboard will be most helpful for you.


Approaching Renewals Customer Cloud Consumption Customer Portfolio Customer Platform pay-per-use Digital Upsell


In the Customer Success Dashboard, under the Renewals tab, you can find information about your customers.


The Approaching Cloud Renewals and Approaching Customer Maintenance Renewals cards show all upcoming renewals for your customers in the next 120 days.

By clicking on the Customer Name, you are brought straight to the Customer Details Dashboard for that specific customer, directly to the Orders & Renewals tab.

Here you can see the Orders (Past, Current, Future), Cloud Contracts and On Premise Maintenance. The Cloud Contracts and On Premise Maintenance cards show all contracts for renewal, not just those within the next 120 days.

For the Cloud Contracts card, you can see the Contract and Order IDs, License Materials, Renewal Type, Contract End Date and Annual Fee

In the On Premise Maintenance Card you can see the Contract and Order IDs, the PO Number, Support Model, Renewal Type, Maintenance Period End and Maintenance Fee.


The Active Sales Contracts card on the Contracts tab provides a list of all customers where there is an active license sales order.


By clicking on the Customer ID, you are brought to the Customer Details Dashboard for that Customer.

Under Portfolio, you can see the Products, License Materials and Systems cards

On the Customer Success Consumption tab, you can see the customers with metrics in overusage.

By clicking into the customer, under Cloud Usage, you can see the Public Cloud Consumption for your customer.

You can click on the graph to view historical trends and export the data.

Where the customer is using more licenses than they are licensed for, it will display a “Potential Overusage” warning. This can be used as a basis for an upsell conversation with the customer.

Where there is low usage, there is a risk to the renewal. This should also be discussed with the customer, to understand the reason for the underusage and to enable the customer if required.


On the Consumption tab, the second card is the Cloud Platform Pay-per-use card. This shows the customer usage across all of your customers.

You can click into any customer to go directly to the Customer Details Dashboard to the Cloud Usage tab. There you can see the usage for this customer by ACV Annual period and Monthly Period


By clicking on Portfolio, you can see the Products, Systems and Materials for the specific customer. Navigate to the Materials card to trigger an upsell for your Cloud Provider Contracts! You will need the End Customer Ordering role in order to click the "Get More" button.

This is available for eligible Cloud Resell Provider Contracts and reduces the upsell process from weeks to minutes!

Learn more about Digital Upsell:



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