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Product and Topic Expert
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I am thrilled to announce the availability of SAP® Business Planning and Consolidation, starter kit for mobile Financial Results Insight.

Financial Results Insight is mobile BI designed to streamline the “last mile of finance” process. The office of finance engages in this intense, deadline-driven process at the end of each financial quarter and pressure is on finance teams to close company books quickly while producing accurate results. With the growing use of enterprise deployed mobile tablets, mobile Financial Results Insight provides finance professionals with an “anywhere – anytime” access to key financial indicators to better monitor their corporate financial results prior to data being made available to Board members, investors, financial institutions and shareholders.

Financial Results Insight smoothly connects SAP Business Planning and Consolidation data to iOS through SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI, while ensuring full security on corporate data. During the few days before their quarterly books are closed and made publicly available most CFOs and finance professionals are polishing the final numbers, monitoring key financial indicators many times a day, checking that they conform to forecasts, preparing plan B communication when figures are not quite as expected, checking whether everything is green or if unexpected red lights appear, and immediately raising any critical issue with fellow executives and board members. With Financial Results Insight, the office of finance is able to track in a fully secure way the most important indicators of their financial report anywhere on mobile tablet and make sure all key topics are “green lighted” prior to financial statements being made available externally to their investors.

Financial Results Insight delivers:

  • Revenue growth analysis with organic growth, currency rate effect and M&A impact
  • Profit and Loss growth analysis, trends and geo-mapping visualization
  • Cash Flows at-a-glance explanation through waterfall graph
  • Asset and Liabilities illustrated by associating data with graphical trends representation
  • Portfolio summary where BPC data can be read like never before

If a key financial indicator is not quite as expected, as a CFO you can annotate or voice annotate the issue and email the owner in your team from your iPad. It’s intuitive and simple.


Financial Results Insight is available on the SAP Analytics Gallery of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 5 for iOS.

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