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By Mohammed Ajouz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product Support, SAP

The level of intelligence, connectivity, and seamless automation promised by mainstream digital technology is nothing short of astounding. From artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain to digital twins, the Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual assistants, everyday digital experiences seem to jump in power overnight – sometimes faster than what people know what to do with them.

Change is hard, but executive decision-makers still need to keep an open mind. All it takes is a moment of inspiration for a competitor to find a way to capitalize on this digital revolution. Then, before we know it, entire industries are irrevocably disrupted by the introduction of a new connected product, service-based business models, next-generation process automation, or superhuman decision-making.

This is why many of our customers rely on SAP Enterprise Support services. These services provide a foundation of collaboration, empowerment, innovation, value realization, and mission-critical support that allows organizations worldwide to continuously master change and increase the caliber of their business outcomes.

Building a foundation to yield continuous operational success

Although most businesses are facing significant hurdles deploying, integrating, running, and innovating with increasingly smart technology, this is not the time to slow down investment and shy away from adoption. Instead, businesses need to mature into intelligent business ecosystems by creating a foundation that makes current and future adoption easier, more cost-effective, and more straightforward.

For Stara S/A Indústria de Implementos Agrícolas (Stara), SAP Enterprise Support is a critical pillar of its digital bedrock of continuous growth. The Brazilian supplier of agricultural machinery is using the services to ensure that its implementation of SAP SuccessFactors solutions improves data consistency, transparency, and collaboration among its 2,000 employees.

By piloting proactive performance and application checks to enhance IT governance, Stara expedited performance evaluation by 50%. Now, the company is using the functionalities of its cloud investments more strategically to accelerate world-class customer support with greater efficiency.

"Thanks to SAP Enterprise Support we were able to improve our IT governance significantly. We are now using the functionalities of our cloud solutions much more effectively. SAP Enterprise Support is an essential element of our digital transformation strategy." Says Rafael Eduardo Costa, IT Manager, Stara S/A Indústria de Implementos Agrícolas.

Putting innovation at the forefront of realizing sustainable purpose and revenue

The underlying value proposition for most companies is focused on the discovery of new ways to solve market needs, ensure product integrity, and provide exceptional customer experiences. However, such a purpose cannot be achieved unless the chemistry between intelligent technology and process is refined.

Such a realization led PeroxyChem to deploy IoT technology in the cloud. To increase efficiencies in its plant operations and add value to its customers’ businesses, the leading global manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, persulfates, and adjacent technologies sought the help of SAP Enterprise Support.

Experts from SAP Enterprise Support Experts helped PeroxyChem’s executive team create a comprehensive strategy with a live demonstration of IoT capabilities and scenarios. Then, the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council guided the lean prototyping, planning, and execution of an IoT-enabled, end-to-end monitoring solution for its hydrogen peroxide liquid tanks. This innovation includes everything from triggered alerts for out-of-bound temperatures and required predictive maintenance to the automated creation of sales orders.

After seeing the results of this digital effort, shared service teams of the customer are empowered to identify and prioritize their innovations for building and implementing PeroxyChem’s global digital strategy. Plus, the company is regularly checking on emerging technologies from SAP that can help it advance substantial potential to the business and its customers.

Uncovering a new competitive edge with seamless support and insight

The experiences of Stara and PeroxyChem clearly show how SAP Enterprise Support plays a pivotal role in enabling digital transformation. The services delivered the core capabilities the companies needed to address take advantage of four key opportunities of the digital age:

  • Fast transition to digital business solutions to identify, implement, optimize, and utilize innovations for business outcomes throughout the entire application lifecycle

  • Effective IT landscape management with a seamless, end-to-end support experience across all deployment scenarios

  • Business outcomes driven through a value-based methodology based on benchmarks, best practices, and targeted improvement recommendations

  • Reallocation of software investments to adopt and implement a scalable and reliable digital environment

And the same opportunities are open to your business as well. All you need to worry about is whether your company wants to accelerate revenue growth with market-changing opportunities and reshaped business models – all while blurring industry boundaries.

Follow this series and check out our other blogs! In the meantime, we encourage you to expedite your business growth with less effort and greater intelligence by using SAP Enterprise Support services.