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After a challenging but very successful 2020, the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council 2021 is here!

Every customer who participated in SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council 2020 was, at a high level, involved in an ambitious co-innovation agenda to pilot the latest innovations in Customer Success services and practices. With pilots in the most strategic areas of our portfolio, ranging from SAP S/4HANA to Business Technology Platform, 291 customers from 49 countries engaged with our experts to achieve their desired business outcomes and – in the meantime – co-created the future of our enablement offerings. Check the video below for further insights on the outcome of ESAC 2020.



Now, it is time to talk about the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council 2021. This year, keeping a strong commitment to continuously improve customer experience through co-innovation, we will guide our customers in the true transformation of their business and realization of the Intelligent Enterprise strategy.

To introduce you to the scope of the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council in 2021, we are very excited to announce that on on March 10th we will have our 2021 Kick-Off Meeting.

Check below for further details and do not miss the chance to get registered now – seats are limited!


When will it take place? Join us on March 10th.

  • Option 1: 9:00 CET (Berlin)

  • Option 2: 17:00 CET (Berlin) | 11:00 EST (New York City)


Who can participate? All SAP Enterprise Support customers can participate in the event.

In case you need any support to get registered or need more specific details about our program, reach out to our team by sending an e-mail to or scan the QR code below with your mobile phone.




Learn more about the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council through the links below:

  1. Watch this overview video.

  2. Visit the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council page in the SAP Support Portal.

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