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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Digital Boardroom

One of the coolest and most innovative solutions SAP has make available for our customers.

  1. Why do business leaders need such a thing like the SAP Digital Boardroom?
  2. What are the benefits when I'm using the SAP Digital Boardroom or SAP Cloud for Analytics?
  3. How do I start to use the two new solutions and what are the main focus areas once the SAP Digital Boardroom is being configured for you?
  4. Who do I need to involve during the setup phase of SAP Digital Boardroom?
  5. What is the intent of the SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP Cloud for Analytics and how can it help to master the path to the new digital reality?

These and many more questions we are going to answer from January 2016 on, when together with my team I'm going to release a series of articles presenting the Top 10 reasons why you should start to get use out of the SAP Digital Boardroom and Cloud for Analytics already now.

Next to the Top 10 reasons, we're also going to write articels describing "Success Factors & Accelerators" for the implementation/configuration of SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP Cloud for Analytics.

To arouse your interest I've added one picture including the Top 10 reasons for SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP Cloud for Analytics.

At least I'm already excited to create these articles and get a discussion started with you. Of course it's also in our interest to get your feedback how you would like to use SAP Digital Boardroom or SAP Cloud for Analytics to enter that space.

I don't want to miss the chance saying thank you. In many uncountable moments in 2015 I got a lot of support, help, feedback from all of you. I'm absolutely proud and grateful to be part of such a successful team like we have. 

Now I want to close that short teaser with expressing my best wishes for you, your family and your friends for the year 2016. Hopefully all of you can celebrate a peaceful and happy holiday season.

Stay tuned

Markus Schunter