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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The SAP Solution Experience organisation, and the SAP Partner Ecosystem Success organisations are pleased to announce a major milestone in our bid to improve the overall experience for our SAP Partners as they identify and engage with relevant content to support their Sales, Presales and GTM activities. On July 24th we will be launching SAP Content Discovery for Partners.

What this means is that as of the 24th of July, all demo content from the Unified Demo Store will be migrated to its new home of Content Discovery.

It’s important to stress that, this is not a simple technical migration from one tooling to another. With the launch of Content Discovery for Partners, we took the opportunity to enhance the Demo Compilation including linked assets, mapped taxonomies, and granting easier access to the SAP Partner Demo Environment – Shared Option.

Continue reading to learn more, understand what is new and start your enablement journey.

Key Facts

  • New Demo Scenario should exclusively be found on Content Discovery after July 24th, 2023.

  • Partner Enablement Sessions were hosted on August 17th 2023, replays are available for both the APJ/MEE/EMEA, and EMEA/NA/LAC timezones.

  • A Banner will be visible to partners on Content Discovery that will include a link to an enablement package, providing partners with streamlined enablement material and details of our August 17th session replays.

In the following paragraphs we are going to look at some familiar topics, and how they will now be handled in the Content Discovery Platform, as well as some new assets and features which will look to enhance your experience engaging with SAP presales and sales content.


Content Discovery, Online Demo Compilations and the SAP Partner Demo Environment – Shared Option.

If you are part of the 8,500+ Partner user community currently leveraging the SAP Partner Demo Environment – Shared Option (PDE) to help in their transformation to the cloud, you would have been familiar with locating the 140+ Online Demo Scenario Scripts from the “Supporting Documentation” section of each demo scenario page on the SAP Demo Store.

Our PDE users will now find these online scenario scripts under the Scripts Section of these rebranded “Demo Compilations”. Finding our Online Demo Compilations is easier than ever.

  1. Access Content Discovery, and select the preconfigured “Partner Demo Compilation” Content View.

  2. Use the Search feature within the Content View to find suitable demo compilations, applying additional filters as necessary to narrow your focus by Industry, LOB, or any of the other filter options available.

  3. Finally access the Demo Compilations of choice available under the “Partner Online Demos” section. Here you’ll find your “Partner Demo Script” of varities of the same for use with the PDE.


Offline Demo Content and Demo Scripts.

In addition to the 150+ Online Demo Scenarios available in the SAP Demo Store, our Partners would have become accustomed to navigating the 450+ offline presales assets to help bolster their sales/presales and solution presentations.

Such assets include Click-Through Browser-Ready Demos, PPT Presentations, Solution Video Demos, White Papers, as well as Demo Scenario Scripts for use with our Partners own full-license Partner demo system. All these assets speak to the value of the SAP Solution Portfolio and aim to be easily adaptable to our Partner’s own presentation styles.

This content can now be found under the Partner Demo Compilations Content View, following the same steps as listed above, but selecting their chosen demo compilation from the “Patrner Offline Demos” section.


Sales Plays

With the launch of Content Discovery we are pleased to announce that our partners will find all of our 2023 Global Sales Plays, all in one place. These Sales Acceleration Packages will allow our partners to drive focus, increase pipeline and deal closure. These documents combine spot-on customer intelligence and ready-to-execute online and offline assets. Align your customer scenario to the available solution sales plays and utilise the online and offline material available to support the messaging.


Content Views

A Content View is a curated group of complementary assets and asset compilations (such as customer stories or sales plays) that semantically belong together. Think of it as a playlist for a certain genre of music. With Content Discovery you’ll find a number of Content Views ready to use. What’s more you will have the ability to create your own Content Views, giving you the ability to curate your own collections of presales content, aligned to your company or personal solution focus.


Visit the Content Discovery Portal today to begin exploring this exciting new content platform. Be sure to revise the available how-to documentation, and also give your feedback on your experience through the feedback mechanism available on the platform.
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