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Developer Advocate
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SAP CodeTalk provides “bite sized information about SAP related technologies in interviews with SAP product experts as well as external developers" and since SAPPHIRE on the SAP Developer Portal at our SAP CodeTalk series has a permanent home. This will over the next few months evolve, where you can watch the CodeTalks in the page as well as search though them. They are also on the YouTube playlist here and that will not change.

Over the last year I have been really lucky to me a number of CodeTalk viewers at SAP TechEd's around the world and I have got some really good feedback from you all with regard to the length, frequency and the fact that you get to see and hears folks that you may have only read content from. Another interesting piece of feedback is having them in audio format, so you can download them to your mobile devices and listen, maybe on the way to work. That is a work in progress

At the start of my last CodeTalk above, I have put out a call for what subjects you would like for me to include in the future. So send an feedback email with the title/subject of CodeTalk to the mail address and I will put together a list and do my best to get those content experts on a hangout.

In the meantime, thank you so much for watching CodeTalk and make sure you follow me on Twitter @ithain