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Last week was our first effort to compose a COIL Silicon Valley program event designed to examine the Intersections that often exist among multiple projects all using COIL as a platform of co-innovation services. While we would have enjoyed having more interested participants join us live in the COIL Studio as a way to get after a higher degree of interaction surrounding the exercise, the content from the session produced is super informative and reveals some real insight into how innovation wells up from the SAP ecosystem, and the value it represents for all co-innovation participants. A certain amount of the overall motivation and mindset of the participants stems from an affinity for what it means to drive innovation from within Silicon Valley where in this case, our co-innovators originate from different geographies and yet here they are engaging in co-innovation work with SAP in Silicon Valley.

This first effort explored some intersects of interest in the domain of IoT with 3 very active COIL partners, Telit, Stellium and Kore.  I briefly introduced the session and the concept of Intersects with my co-moderator Dr. Tammy Madsen and then we went straight into getting our participants up to speed on what the partners do and what solutions they are focused upon in the lab with SAP.  SAP participants, Jay, Elvira and David provided some thoughtful reaction to the partners where of all the various dimensions of the IoT topic, zoned in quickly on the IoT security concerns and implementation options.

The partner team then did a nice introduction of how it approached its discovery process for identifying the Intersects of mutual interest. Returning from a short break, Tammy and I offered up a number of questions for our six participants to respond to in rich detail concerning why Industrie 4.0 was an anchor point for determining which Intersects considered became the primary focus and what actions could be taken to realize a more end to end IoT solution for process industries. A full recording of the ½ day session is available in its entirety and yet to properly recognize the viewer's valuable time, we’ve created 6 smaller session highlight videos filled with some useful content and rich commentary on developing ecosystems-based IoT solutions.

For a rich summary of what Telit, Stellium and Kore are doing with SAP in COIL today, check out the great presentations offered from each at the top of the session:

- Telit Presentation

- Stellium Presentation

- Kore Presentation

To zero in on SAP commentary and reactions to the partner presentations see-

This clip highlights the Intersects of Interest presented collectively by each of the participating partners-

Lastly from our co-moderated discussion later in the session, taking a closer look at selected Intersects, corresponding use cases and actions to take to realize a more end-to-end IoT solution built up from the complements spanning SAP, Telit, Stellium and Kore.

You will discover some useful content, compelling thought leadership and a glimpse into co-innovation process from each of these segments.  COIL is forever grateful to all of the participants who joined us for our COIL Intersections program. We got a lot of super feedback where it was clear that there is interest to do some more of this in the future. We expect to apply what we’ve learned from our first effort to further refine the program and allow us to cover other topic areas where we can look for more intersects among existing co-innovation project work.

The Hits keep coming- Check out these follow up Periscope Videos: - Sam Lakkundi - Siva Shankar

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