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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Avo Automation, a division of SLK Software is a fast-paced technology and consulting company with an emphasis on key industries such as banking and manufacturing. Over last two decades, SLK Software has participated in several worldwide SAP implementations and application maintenance projects across various industry sectors.

In 2014, SLK Software established its Centre of Excellence (CoE) - ‘Dimension Labs’ and has been developing next-gen, innovative solutions to revolutionize IT automation since then. Upon carefully identifying the gaps that Enterprise IT automation had, SLK Software constantly invested in re-engineering its products. With the idea of using these products as the drivers to solve customer problems and helping them hop on the digital automation path, SLK software spun-off Avo Automation.

Avo Automation approached SAP to make this journey easier for customers.  The certified product Avo Assure 2.0 is a value-driven, an intelligent test automation solution that offers substantial benefits to customers. The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that Avo Assure 2.0 integrates with SAP S/4HANA® and SAP NetWeaver® using standard integration technologies. The integration helps organizations with their test automation needs to meet the changing business dynamics of SAP environments. The certification played a pivotal role in building credibility and confidence amongst the customers. Avo Assure,  also available on SAP® Store.

Customer testimonial about the certified solution Avo Assure 2.0: "By turning to Avo and its Discover and Assure solutions for process discovery and test automation, we are well on our way to successfully achieving an automation rate of 10x and deploying test automation for 22 of our large business applications within a few months"Jane Possell, SVP and CIO, CNA Insurance.

Let’s hear from SLK Software about their certified product and working with SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), part of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services.

1) Thank you very much for accepting our request to discuss about your journey and experience with SAP ICC, what is Avo Automation all about? 

Avo Automation, a division of SLK Software, is the gold standard for quality-first and human-centred automations that are simplest to use, most intelligent, and continually resilient. Avo Automation empowers employees to happily work alongside virtual digital assistants that automate manual work so they can be free to do the more strategic and fun parts of their job. With Avo’s enterprise-grade Quality Automation System (QAS), customers can seamlessly create, deploy and manage digital assistants for software test automation and end-to-end business process automation.

2) How did you get to know about integration certification and why was it important for Avo Automation to apply for certification?

We started working with SAP enterprise product suite and sought SAP’s guidance to enable integration certification. It was important for Avo Automation to apply for the certification to establish test platform extensity and leverage test feasibility across SAP product portfolios. Gaining that edge over others in terms of SAP industry relevance was another reason.

3) Can you tell us a little bit more about your certified product Avo Assure 2.0 and its integration with SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA? 

Avo Assure 2.0 is an intelligent test automation solution that offers all-pervasive, end-to-end test automation. It is the only solution to provide over 90% automation coverage without writing a single line of code. Avo Assure integrates with SAP S/4HANA® and SAP NetWeaver® using standard integration technologies. The integration helps organizations with their test automation needs to meet the changing business dynamics of SAP environments. Avo Assure helps deliver intelligent and streamlined test automation for businesses that use SAP applications.

A few of the other prominent features of Avo Assure include:

  • It is a technology-agnostic platform that works seamlessly across heterogeneous application components, including third-party peripheral applications. This enables more than 90% automation coverage while avoiding the hassles of downloading plugins for each application.

  • It is browser-based by nature and works in both cloud and on-premise.

  • The pre-packaged test automation accelerator enables users to conduct comprehensive functional testing during operational activities like – database upgrades, system patch updates, and migrations. This avoids any operational glitches and business interruptions.

  • The report-view-analyze model of test results provides flawless analytics so you can make smarter decisions.

4) When and how did Avo Automation, a division of SLK Software begin their journey with SAP?

Avo Automation, a division of SLK Software is an SAP consulting and implementation partner. Over these years, SLK Software has participated in several worldwide SAP implementations and application maintenance support projects across various industry sectors. SLK Software established its Centre of Excellence (CoE) for automation in 2014 and has been consistently innovating ever since.

Considering the implementation complexities and testing challenges that the industry is facing today, SLK spun off Avo Automation to make automation simple, intelligent, and resilient. Avo Assure is a value-driven, super-smart test automation solution, which is fully equipped to handle known SAP testing challenges and inefficiencies.

In the changing times, automation-first approach gives business leaders an opportunity to do more with less, thus accelerating their ambitious growth plans. Avo Assure, our intelligent test automation product, makes that possible. Now, SAP and its customers can quickly build and maintain sophisticated end-to-end automated tests in a visual and script-less way. Near 90% test coverage can be realized with more than 40% reduction in project timelines and shortened test cycles, resulting in businesses having more time to focus on their customer needs. Hop on to the technology of tomorrow, which delivers results NOW” Dr. Jagdish Bhandarkar, Chief Technology Officer, SLK Software.

5) How did the certification help in improving the quality of the product and positioning it to customers? 

The certification manifolded the platform’s credibility in the following ways:

  • Test scalability across SAP enterprise versions and SAP product portfolios – SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA.

  • Test feasibility across SAP upgrades and SAP migrations.

  • Test diversity across heterogeneous system components – critical business processes, complex integrations, and mobility extensions.

  • Test extensity across supply chain processes through pre-packaged test automation accelerators for SAP ECC & SAP S/4HANA.

Modern day Chief Information Officers need to ascertain uninterrupted and rigorous release cycles to meet their continuously changing business dynamics,” said Ganesh Prabhu, Head of Enterprise Apps Automation, Avo Automation. “This makes them concentrate heavily on IT testing extensity and look out for futuristic platforms to help manoeuvre their IT enterprise transformation for SAP technologies and change augmentations. Avo Assure is an intelligent, resilient, and pervasive test automation platform that supports testing requirements for complex SAP landscapes. Avo Assure’s unique ability to interoperate with integrated enterprise applications proves highly valuable for any IT transformation journey.”

“In environments where software is constantly changing, keeping up with these changes and ensuring that the delta automation is done as efficiently as the core automation is a must to consistently achieve automation objectives,” said Namratha Rao, VP Product Engineering and Design, Avo Automation. “With Avo Assure, maintenance of test assets is a breeze. Change management can be managed efficiently with the ability to intelligently reserve slots of test cases for anticipated changes and then map them when the modifications occur.”

6) What next for your certified solution Avo Assure 2.0?

We have already established a value enhancer for SAP customers to accelerate their automation journey:

  • Auto-generate automation test scripts for SAP enterprise applications with 4x speed using Avo Assure and Avo Discover.

  • Pre-built SAP test automation accelerators for SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA with functional test scenarios and end-to-end business process flow scenarios.

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