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In late 2006, the first enhancement package for SAP ERP 6.0 was delivered. Since then all functional and user interface improvements, as well as enterprise services have been delivered via enhancement packages.

With SAP Business Suite 7, the fourth generation of enhancement packages of SAP ERP 6.0 will be available. The software delivers improvements across application boundaries focusing on end-to-end processes

This blog is dedicated to highlight cross-industry functional capabilities and the relevance of focusing on end-to-end processes rather than application silos.

Before diving into it, allow me to provide a digression concerning enhancement packages:

Enhancement packages are a new principle in the market to deliver standard software functionality based on a stable release (here SAP ERP 6.0). Every year SAP delivers a new enhancement package. An enhancement package is installed as part of a regular maintenance activity. By default the coding is inactive, which allows that the end user will not experience any changes to processes or user interfaces. Testing activities required as part of the maintenance activity remain the same.

Whether the coding will become active, is up to the line of business to decide. Requirements for new functionality drive activation of code. The coding is clustered in so-called business functions. Only after a business function has been activated, changes to the user interface or business process become visible. Consequently, end-user trainings and acceptance tests only need to be performed in very limited areas, as these are well-defined for each business function. With this clustering approach it is possible to update business processes while leaving the remaining business untouched.

In summary: enhancement packages allow adoption of new functionality in little chunks without release-changes.

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Now, let me turn to the highlights of Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0. Enhancement package 4 is rich in new functionality across application boundaries, improved user interfaces, and new enterprise services. The following is an excerpt of SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4 improvements focusing on end-to-end processes for you to explore:

Capabilities in Financials

Customers benefit from new user-interfaces and enhanced functionalities in the area of Financial Supply Chain Management. SAP Collections Management within a multiple backend systems environment is now easier to use and increases the attractiveness for implementing a Financial Shared Service Center.

To allow better insights and user experience in the area of general ledger, SAP delivers simplified reporting capabilities.

’Master Data Governance for Financials’ is a new product to centrally maintain and distribute financial charts of accounts master data. Change request handling and approval workflows increase transparency, thus ensuring compliant master data governance.

Enhancements in Treasury and Risk Management offer streamlined hedge management processes and enable customers to do hedge management and accounting for commodities.

Capabilities in Human Capital Management

A new, compelling user interface streamlines activities in the area of talent management (e.g. performance management). Besides, new and innovative functionality for preparing and conducting talent review meetings as well as for leveraging talent profiles and development plans is now available. Additional enhancements allow customers to more efficiently handle mass employee processes and organizational changes.

Capabilities in Real Estate Management and High Performing Assets

Corporate Services enhancements include simplified administration of property portfolio and leases through enhanced commercial real estate management capabilities. Via a new web application express expense sheet daily travelers will be able to manage their travel expense more efficient.

Enterprise Asset Management supports the maintenance execution without boundaries across multiple time zones.

Capabilities in Procurement

In Procurement, SAP Enhancement Package 4 harmonizes the procurement process and user experience between 2 applications: SAP SRM and SAP FI/MM. This is especially relevant for customers with high value goods or services covering down-payments and retentions.
In addition, the strategic sourcing functionality available in SAP SRM has been extended to SAP ERP to ensure better compliance with negotiated terms.

Capabilities in Logistics

In Logistics Execution, SAP Enhancement Package 4 further simplifies the integration of external warehouse management systems into the SAP landscape to allow integrated logistics management. The key enhancements delivered also broaden the Extended Warehouse Management functionality into the manufacturing environment ensuring end-to-end process coverage. In addition, new functionalities further automate the Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) process to reduce stock-outs and improve delivery service levels.

Capabilities in Manufacturing and Product Development

In Manufacturing, SAP Enhancement Package 4 provides the solution that displays and helps to analyze histories of Batches, enhanced the order split and WIP Batch functionalities. Customers will get increased visibility and traceability of batch histories and WIP, more precise impact analysis of quality defect, and increased flexibility to react to unplanned events on the shop floor, changed customer requirements or reprioritization of production orders. Through the integration of Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) to main manufacturing processes, EHP4 ensures that complete end-to-end processes in the manufacturing environment run with EWM-managed stock. Furthermore, the key deliverable also provides simplified UI for production supervisors to get all relevant information on few screens, which help to response quickly to exceptional situations, measure and evaluate production performance.

Customers who are looking for optimization of collaboration with their subcontractors as well as better visibility, can now choose the new subcontracting cockpit as part of outsourced manufacturing.

In Product Development, SAP Enhancement Package 4 helps automate the process of converting  product formulas or specification information into finalized data that can be used for product labeling (SAP PLM: Recipe Management)

Customers who want to improve their integrated product and process engineering process (iPPE) can leverage the newly integrated CAD instance handling, DMU viewing, and project management.

Last but not least, SAP Recycling Administration now handles recycling fees according to EU regulations for packaging, batteries, and electronic waste allowing customers to comply with sustainability standards.


Capabilities in Sales and Service

In Sales and Service, SAP Enhancement Package 4 provides significant enhancements to further improve the collaboration with customers boosting user productivity and accelerating the entire order-to-cash process.

Customers with a high volume of supplier and customer returns transactions (retail and wholesale industry) who would like to improve transparency of supplier and customer returns and refunds, can now leverage the end-to-end support for return management.

SAP ERP adopted the user experience of SAP CRM for sales order entry. The transactions are being routed to the SD module in the back-end automatically.

Capabilities for industry-specific processes

Additional capabilities for aerospace and defense, automotive, defense and security, banking, consumer products, healthcare, higher education, insurance, oil and gas, mill products, mining, public sector, retail and wholesale, utilities.

For additional resources, please check out the SAP Enhancement Packages for SAP ERP 6.0 on SAP Service Marketplace:

You will find the information separated by functional domain: 1-sliders (at-a-glance), business function overview, business function details, test catalogues by business function, installation guides, etc.