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SAP recently announced the release into ramp-up of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, version for the Microsoft Platform.   With this release SAP extends the web deployment options for customers by leveraging a new HTML5 client for reporting and inputs.

With this new HTML5 client, customers now have greater flexibility in areas such as:

  • Standardization of text with browser options as users can set preferred text size from directly within their browser
  • Within the preferences dialog box, change and arrange their personal name format; users can decide how their first name / last name can be displayed

As well within the page frames, customers have easier navigation

  • Current and Total page numbers are displayed
  • Horizontal page list is replaced by a vertical page list

When administering the Environments customers can:

  • Sort and filter for both the Environment name and description

As well from the Web home page, customers can now navigate based on:

  • Library being the default view of the home page
  • Business Process Flows and Consolidation sections being the entrance point to the related functions
  • System Reports replaces the “Audit” area as per the 10.0 Microsoft version.  Within this section “Audit” still remains as well as other areas including: Security, Work Status, Business Process Flows (Administration)

Additionally the web reporting and input abilities have been greatly enhanced with this current release allowing customers to use:

  • More flexible comment viewing
  • Easier to change model directly from the context bar
  • Greater control over “locked” dimensions in the context bar
  • In-line comments can be viewed on the left side of the data area, immediately after members of the row dimension

With this new release of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, version for the Microsoft Platform customers immediately receive the functions listed above as well as a much greater UX from the web side. Existing and future customers of this platform looking for unified Planning and Consolidation, not on a SAP BW based platform will have much to gain.