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Is your company fast-growing with fewer than 400 employees? If so, you have some of the same challenges as any company to remain competitive, along with a different set of business challenges than in large companies. For example, larger companies can weather IT projects that unexpectedly grow in complexity, cost, and time. As a fast-growing company, reaching your business objectives, being on-time, on-budget, and with the desired outcome for your IT project are non-negotiable!

If this sounds familiar, you may also share these concerns when it comes to adopting a new ERP solution:

  • You have grown to a point where your company needs an ERP system but the options are complex and costly, and none of them appear to fit your needs and budget.
  • You need a solution supporting end-to-end business processes across your company without requiring you to become an expert on integration technologies.
  • The many unknowns around software acquisition and implementation make it hard to make a decision.  You’re concerned about the risks involved if you make a mistake.
  • You can’t afford significant disruptions to day-to-day operations during the implementation.
  • You are concerned that if the software takes a long time to implement, you will lose precious time and be forced to go beyond your original budget.  As a growing company, you can’t afford to waste precious investment capital. It’s imperative that technology investments pay off on time and on target.

Fortunately, there’s a new solution available for you from SAP and qualified Partners – a robust ERP solution, with all of the foundational functionality you need, packaged with fixed price and fixed scope implementation services from qualified partners:  SAP Business-All-in-One rapid-deployment solution.

Take a quick look at the overview video:

The SAP Business-All-in-One rapid-deployment solution quickly addresses the most urgent business needs of smaller midsize companies in core financial and operational processes. This solution can be implemented in only 8-12 weeks! And just like all other SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, you will be equipped with these 4 basic building blocks:

  1. Software that is pre-configured so you can address your most urgent business processes – fast
  2. Content in the form of best practices, predefined templates and tools to make implementations smoother and solution adoption easier
  3. End-user enablement such as guides and educational material to speed up adoption
  4. And fixed scope implementation services that provide maximum predictability and lowers risk

It is very simple to find out if the SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution is right for your fast-growing business…

To get you started quickly, an easy-to-use online solution configurator provides an immediate cost estimate for software, hardware, and implementation services based on how you scope your solution.

It’s the key online tool that enables you to execute “what-if” scenarios and familiarize you with what an ERP system does for your business. This greatly reduces the complexity of evaluation by automatically estimating the total cost of your solution. It offers complete cost transparency and reduces the uncertainty and the risk of add on costs.

You simply fill out the configurator with your chosen industry, number of employees and expected number of software users, it gives you a:

  • Recommendation of relevant business scenarios for your industry.
  • Cost estimate of the complete solution, including software, hardware and all implementation services.
  • Configuration report that you can share with others in your company.
  • And then it connects you with either SAP or a local SAP partner who can answer questions and advise you on next steps. 
  • The partner will also simultaneously receive your file and can create a personalized software demo to further enable a faster and more confident evaluation.

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