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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

SAP has for a number of years been committed to growing the reach of its products to more of the developers of today, but why stop there?

Young coders are the developers of the future. They are key to driving future innovation and that is why SAP partnered in 2012 with Young Rewired State (YRS), a non-profit organization in the UK, to help bringing over 400 kids from all over the UK together to code for a week.

Learning to code and to design is something many of kids are starting on their own very early on but unfortunately there is still very limited support out there. SAP is very proud to support these young kids in their passion. It is absolutely amazing to see what kids are able to create. To get a taste for the energy this event creates, check out the YRS promo video from last year

We are proud to announce we are expanding our involvement supporting YRS with the Festival of Code this year in Birmingham, UK on August 5-11 and further taking the YRS concept across the globe, starting with the YRS Everywhere event in New York City on June 29-30.

Young Rewired State

Launched in 2009, Young Rewired State (YRS) is the philanthropic arm of Rewired State and is a network of developers aged 18 and under who have an aptitude for coding or designing for the digital age. Their mission is:

·         To find, foster, encourage and challenge every young person in the UK who can code

·         Ensure the next big tech companies are created, funded and grown from the UK

·         To offer the support for coding that is missing in schools and colleges

·         To provide access to a network of experienced mentors

·         To get more girls coding

·         To incubate the UK coding geniuses of the future


YRS Festival of Code

The Festival of Code is YRS’s annual celebration of everything code. It occurs all over the UK every year in the first full week of August, and ends with a long weekend at the Custard Factory in Birmingham (UK), with everybody coming together for a weekend of showcasing the amazing achievements created during the week. The event includes talks from awesome and influential people, pizza, as well as games and table tennis. This year, the expected number of participants is 1,000 young coders.

YRS Everywhere – New York City

YRS is taking a smaller version of its Festival of Code global under the name YRS Everywhere. The first of these events will take place in New York City over the last weekend of June and will be available to 50 young coders.. As with the Festival of Code skills can range from being able to edit HTML to being a poly-codal genius. During the weekend, participants will be mentored by developers and designers in-house, as well as remotely by YRS peers and the world-wide mentor network and they will get to build things with open government data. For more information click here

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