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Employees from SAP and Adobe were ready for a long day. They had seven hours to build a playground at a school. And a lot had to be done, from mixing cement and building benches to assembling slides and painting murals.

This group of more than 300 employees had volunteered for the job. In collaboration with the non-profit KaBOOM!, they wanted to give a playground to Adelante Dual Language Academy, a school in San Jose, California. The school, with classes up to grade eight, seeks to prepare children to live and work in multicultural environments.

The new playground will also be open to the neighborhood, providing a place to play for around 800 children. The ideas for what the playground should be like came from the school’s children. SAP and Adobe were now hard at work building those ideas from the ground up.

To date, SAP volunteers have built 23 playgrounds in the U.S. Playing outdoors is something a child should not miss out on. As for the volunteers, they too had fun getting outside on a playground.