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Running Better Yet?

Hello again to everyone following SAPPHIRE NOW! Our next stop is in Madrid, November 13 – 16, 2012, as we round the globe to bring the value of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions to all corners of the Earth.  My original question from SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando and Beijing still stands:  Would you like to run better in just weeks? If so, then I feel that SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are a must add to your SAPPHIRE NOW Agenda. 

We have seen a real upswing in momentum and excitement surrounding our rapid-deployment solution offerings.  In fact several customers have begun employing a building block approach to solving their business problems through deploying several rapid deployment solutions in a phased project approach: maximizing business value, while minimizing risk, with a clear ROI. 

Don’t know what SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions actually are?  Have not heard of them before?  Well then, let me share.  They are the next exciting wave in SAP’s drive to simplify our customers experience and speed their time to value.  They include packaged preconfigured software, content, and end user enablement plus implementation services, which allow you to get just what you need, when you need it. 

So for example, if you want a quick start on better and faster operational reporting … there’s a SAP HANA rapid-deployment solution for that! And if you got started on your rapid implementation today, you’d improve the speed and accuracy of your operational reporting before the winter holidays! With over 150 rapid-deployment solutions across SAP’s portfolio of applications there’s a good chance that many of your specific business needs can be addressed.

So you may be asking yourself at this point, can I learn more about SAP Rapid Deployment solutions at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid?  The answer is you bet!  In Madrid, we will have sessions and demos throughout the show floor. But where to start?  Personally, I think a great place to start would be the Rapid Deployment Lounge located in Hall 9.  There you can get an orientation as to where rapid-deployment solution content is located, Meet with rapid-deployment solution Experts or just learn more about what rapid-deployment solutions are and how it can help your business run better, quicker.

Ask for peter.russo2, one of my colleagues in the Lounge, and he or any of the rapid-deployment solution staff will be happy to guide you to sessions that match your areas of interest and business needs, as well as point out interesting demos and activities planned for the day.

As in Orlando and Beijing, all of the rapid-deployment solution sessions are logically placed within the campuses where the solution naturally exists.  In the LOB & Industries campus you will find rapid-deployment solutions for CRM, SCM, Procurement, Manufacturing, Finance, PLM, Industry and HR.   In addition, there are rapid-deployment solutions for Database & Technology, including SAP HANA and Sybase ASE, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud that are found in their respective campuses as well. 

Sessions will include: demos, customer presentations, ‘meet the experts,’ and topical discussions that will highlight rapid-deployment solution.  My personal favorites are the many Micro-forums where customers and experts come together for discussion and best practice sharing.  All of the Rapid Deployment Solution sessions can be identified within the virtual show guide and agenda builder. To help plan your Rapid Deployment Solutions investigation, click here for the agenda builder: (Check the Rapid Deployment Solutions tag under the “Solutions” filter option for a direct list of sessions).

For Madrid we are also on track to have 2, 3-hour workshops one evening of the event featuring both SAP HANA and Mobile solutions. These are planned as fun and interactive sessions (food and beverage included) to really help drill into the details in these Hot Topic areas (more details to follow).

So, stop by and learn what all of the excitement in about! See how you can truly RUN BETTER in just weeks with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions at SAPPHIRE NOW.

See you in Madrid ...

Dave Fowler



Dave Fowler has been with SAP for 6 years in a variety of capacities and is currently the SAP Rapid Deployment Solution content manager for SAPPHIRE NOW.