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The momentum of technology innovation and market disruption has reached historic proportions. The pressure to produce at an accelerated pace is felt across all industries. However, technology alone only makes enough progress to ignite short-term changes in leadership approaches, internal processes, and workplace culture. When things operate the same way over time, even the most creative executives can struggle to conceptualize a new operational vision. Although a digital strategy can be actualized quickly and deliver on expectations, it can also become the status quo if supporting technology is not maintained and does not evolve to reflect business needs.

A quick remedy for such groupthink is to amplify digital experiences, best practices, and learning from outside the business and to crowdsource deep expertise in a given area. By challenging internal thinking and pinpointing emerging (and otherwise, unseen) risks and opportunities, the IT function can free itself from operational constraints and reimagine development and delivery models. Such unbinding of IT can help companies gain the agility and speed it needs to lead the industry – now and in the future.


SAPPHIRE NOW: Making digital transformation possible – and continuous

Let’s face it: Our world will only continue to hasten its pace. And the companies that will win over customers and secure market leadership are the ones that continuously innovate and evolve while keeping up with market dynamics.

Demonstrating our commitment to the success of our customers, the SAP Digital Business Services organization is hosting a series of interactive stations at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, on May 16–18. Check out these demo stations to explore our latest services that can provide your business with the knowledge and stamina needed to adjust quickly and manage digital technology – and its adoption – intelligently.

Hybrid Landscape Operations
Achieve efficient and optimal operations with best practices. Explore guidance for hybrid solution operations with the setup of an SAP Operations Control Center. Discover the benefits of SAP Solution Manager to run and optimize your IT solutions. 

Next-Generation Support
Experience what support for the digital transformation looks like. Gain real-time interaction, direct access to experts from SAP, and support information that is available anytime, anywhere, and from any device. View hands-on demos of live support channels, built-in support, and get quick answers to your questions.

SAP Mission Control Center
Turn systems of record into systems of differentiation and innovation. Experience how SAP Mission Control Center continuously supports you during your implementations. Support hybrid landscapes with SAP Operations Control Center, SAP Innovation Control Center, and SAP Solution Manager.


Learn more about SAP Digital Business Services at SAPPHIRE NOW here. Find all our event related blogs and videos here.