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Webinar, Tuesday 2nd October, 12:00 CET/ 11:00 GMT

Success in the Oil & Gas industries has always depended on harnessing new technologies to stay one step ahead of the competition; which is why you’ll want to take advantage of the accelerating revolution in mobile applications.

Attend this free, sixty-minute webinar and learn how SAP helps you make both blue collar and white collar workers more efficient and effective.

  • Discover how you can develop a comprehensive strategy for connecting, consuming, controlling and creating mobile apps
  • See demonstrations of prebuilt mobile applications from Syclo (recently acquired by SAP) that improve sales, service, inspections, asset, incident and work permit management
  • Find out how combining design information with business data delivers visually enhanced processes that drive greater productivity.
  • Hear case studies of successful mobile implementations

Mobile applications can help you right across your value chain, from exploration to retail. As a result, you’ll compete more efficiently and effectively.

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