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Hello to everyone following our Rapid Deployment Solution blogs. In my last blog I outlined our then upcoming role in SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando in May 2012. I can report that it was a very successful event. Today I’m here today to do the same for our China Sapphire that will take place on July 26 & 27 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

For those who may not have caught my SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando blog about rapid-deployment solutions, it would probably be a good idea for me to briefly explain what SAP Rapid Deployment solutions actually are.  They are the next exciting wave in SAP’s drive to simplify our customers experience and speed their time to value. They include packaged preconfigured software, content, and end user enablement plus implementation services, which allow you to get just what you need, when you need it. So for example, if you are running SAP CRM today, but are looking to go mobile with your sales force, there’s a rapid-deployment solution for that…and if you got started on your rapid-deployment solution today, you’d be running a mobile sales force before summer’s end!  With over 80 rapid-deployment solutions across SAP’s portfolio of applications there’s a good chance that many of your specific business needs can be addressed.

Like Orlando, our top Rapid Deployment Solutions will be prominently featured in each of the Zones.  Featured SAP Rapid Deployment solutions will include; HANA, Mobility, CRM, HCM, ERP, EWM – as well as Industries, including Utilities, Consumer Products, and Rapid Marts. Attendees will be able to explore these rapid deployment solution topics as sessions will include; demos, customer presentations, roundtable meetings with experts, and topical discussion that will highlight rapid-deployment solutions. Demos and meetings with experts will be available in both Chinese and English as our rapid-deployment solutions experts are all bi-lingual (Mandarin and English) as there will be attendees from all over the globe!

Click here for the official site for SAP’s China Sapphire 2012!

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are really beginning to garner a great deal of interest in China and this is the perfect venue to showcase rapid deployment solutions for our customers, partners, and employees alike – I am especially looking forward to learning more about how one of our Chinese customers, OCME, used rapid-deployment solutions to “run better”.  Also, I’m looking forward to attending China Sapphire as they have taken a different approach to overall attendee engagement with a “Zone” oriented layout. The Zones include Line of Business, Innovation, and Industry and are located across 4 different levels within the convention Center. One interesting point about China Sapphire is that the official Language of the event is Mandarin.  Only select sessions will be translated, including for example Rob Enslin’s Keynote. I plan to keep my Google translator app on my iPhone close at hand.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn how you can truly “run better” in just weeks with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions at China Sapphire.  For those who can’t attend, I’ll be reporting from the show with on-site details!

See you in Beijing...

Dave Fowler



Dave Fowler has been with SAP for 6 years in a variety of capacities and is currently the SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions content manager for China Sapphire.