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ReviewNinja is a code review tool for GitHub that lets you merge pull requests with confidence.

With the introduction and ongoing adoption of GitHub Enterprise at SAP pull requests have become the new way to collaborate - and by following best practices in the GitHub community pull requests have become the new way to perform code review.

Code review on GitHub

The community uses comments to either indicate approval or rejection. But approval as well as rejections are communicated rather informally. Code is approved by a comment containing +1 or a thumbs up; code is rejected by a comment stating potential problems introduced with the pull request. Either way the team’s sentiment of the current pull request is not explicitly reflected.

Code review on ReviewNinja

ReviewNinja aims at capturing the team’s sentiment of the current pull request in an explicit, concise manner. ReviewNinja uses stars and issues to communicate approval or rejection.

ReviewNinja follows and augments the community approach.

The logic behind the decisions in ReviewNinja is

Stars = Approval (+1)

Issues = Rejection



As long as there are issues present, the tool recommends not to merge the code. In case nobody else has  ‘ninja starred’ the code change, the tool communicates ‘caution’ and leaves it to the discretion of the user to perform the merge. The main purpose is to not get into the way of an agile process.

ReviewNinja integrates directly into the pull request page for a brief summary without ever leaving GitHub.

The tool integrates directly into GitHubs experience. All pull requests are annotated out of the tool:

Additionally ReviewNinja leverages the power of GitHubs status API:

Try ReviewNinja for your GitHub repositories under: