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Platform businesses are increasingly important for their ability to out-scale traditional linear value chains and enable companies to compete as ecosystems.

In the context of company-specific digital transformations, the goal of “digitizing” linear value chains can be expanded into exploring the potential of platform business. For that purpose, research suggests a strong relationship between platform business governance and architecture. One of the implications, conceptually speaking, is the need to consider simultaneously design aspects of platform business models together with aspects of the concrete architecture and implementation.

Modeling and design platform businesses brings a set of interrelated questions:

  • What are the key characteristics of platform business?

  • How do you identify a platform business opportunity, moving from a classic linear business?

  • Can we systematically represent, analyze and design platform businesses?

  • Are there re-usable patterns to design the critical elements of a platform business?

  • How does a platform evolve beyond design?

The following new SAP whitepaper addresses those questions. Click on the cover image below and enjoy reading!