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Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you an update on three notes released for the renovated learner portal in LSO.

First note 2343150 solves an issue of insufficient spacing for a blank line while displaying the description of any object. This issue was caused by abap webdynpro framework which was not rendering the text as expected.

Second note 2336250 fixes an issue where wrong capacity was shown for curriculum having only time independent courses (such as web-based training). As its elements.

Finally, note 2343294 provides a solution to the issue where Curriculum Type Related Data  (like description, pre-requisite qualification) were not displayed on curriculum type page in the webdynpro learning portal.
The issue was caused by the application was considering the value maintained in infotype Course Type Info checkbox 'Include in Brochure' for displaying the curriculum type details. This value of this checkbox is irrelevant for displaying data in learning portal.

In order to solve all or any of the issues listed please apply relevant support package or you can also apply correction instructions attached to the mentioned notes.


LSO and TEM support