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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP customers around the world are very excited about the groundbreaking innovations available with SAP Simple Finance powered by SAP HANA that are going to help their businesses run better than ever before. SAP Simple Finance is the most comprehensive portfolio of finance solutions available anywhere today. Our latest innovations in the areas of accounting, cash management, and integrated business planning demonstrate the value of architecture simplification, single source of truth, flexibility and instant insight in Finance.

But customers with heterogeneous system landscapes or

even single sys

tem landscapes often have limitations that keep them from adopting innovations quickly. Out-of-maintenance systems or heavily customized systems may be viewed as too expensive to upgrade. Their roller coaster is stuck at the top of the hill. It is full of potential energy, and they can see the benefits and fun ahead. They just can’t move forward in their existing set-up.

Now, these customers can take the breaks off of their coaster and take advantage of the Central Finance deployment approach of SAP Simple Finance.

The Central Finance approach allows companies to replicate (re-post) financial transactions from SAP or non-SAP systems into a single instance of SAP Simple Finance. Customers can benefit from the latest reporting innovations and architectural simplification in as little as one quarter and gain access to better, consolidated entity reporting as well as modern, central process execution capabilities.

The Central Finance implementation approach allows customers to leave their existing systems unchanged – and still benefit from a harmonized data environment that supports financial reporting and standardized processes.

With the SAP Simple Finance 1503 shipment, the most fundamental change to the underlying SAP Simple Finance release is the unification of financial and management accounting into a single physical table called the Universal Journal. This means that all business processes can now access one ultimate single source of truth, further decreasing reconciliation efforts and accelerating the financial close. The shipment also includes new posting interfaces (for FI/CO postings, secondary CO postings, and cost object mappings). Master data harmonization processes have been enhanced, and additional central transaction processing capabilities have been improved.

Reach out to your SAP Finance specialists to learn more about how the Central Finance deployment scenario can help you unlock the potential that SAP Simple Finance has to offer.