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About Business Process Operation Work Center 

Business Process Operation (BPO) Work Center is an important Work Center in Solution Manager. It includes functionalities of monitoring business process, handling alerts happen on business process. User also can access business process setup functionality there.

About Solution Landscape Cache for BPO work center

Solution Landscape includes business scenarios, business processes, process steps and technical interfaces in a solution. In order to increase performance, BPO work center own a 'local' cache for landscape of all solutions, The cache was introduced in Solution Manager 7.0 Support Package 18.

Refresh Landscape Cache for BPO work center

User will find that after creating a solution (in DSWP or 'SAP Solution Manager Administration' work center), the new solution can't appear in BPO work center automaticly, that's because the local cache for BPO hasn't been refreshed. There are 3 ways to let the new solution added to the cache:

    this is a daily job, it will refresh the case once per day. it was schedule at midnight by Solution Manager Robmate.
  2. Run program 'RAGS_WORK_BPM_CACHE'.
    this is the report that run by the job above
  3. Refresh in BPO work center:


Tips: Only the solutions which have been configured for BPMon (and the configuration - or named as Customizing - is generated) will be shown in BPO work center.

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