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The concept of integrating Risk and Performance management disciplines has existed for some time, and in many ways is one next future step for how organizations could and should look at the way that they improve their capabilities in enterprise performance management (EPM) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC). That concept will be explored a little more at the SAP Conference for Financial Planning, Consolidation and Controls, to take place in Las Vegas 10-11 November. For now however the “integration” of EPM and GRC that concerns me here is a cooperative venture between the two solutions teams from SAP, as we shall be sharing a show-floor presence at the TechEd conference, also in Las Vegas, due to start on 19th October.

There’s a lot of excitement among SAP EPM and GRC teams, which at times is almost palpable. And I am sure that this excitement will show when you listen to the many sessions on offer at TechEd, or speak with our solutions experts at the EPM/GRC booth at the event. But what sessions should you see at the event? Well, let me help to try and reduce your risk of missing key sessions, by offering you some event planning tips for a few sessions to put in your schedule:

  1. BA110 Planning in SAP S/4HANA: Power of Business Planning for Finance (Thu/Fri) - Learn how integrated business planning for finance enables the financial capabilities provided by the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application that is part of SAP S/4HANA. It comes with new user interfaces and workflow, as well as a next-level architecture that eliminates data replication of actuals or master data.
  2. BA203 See How SAP Cloud for Planning Simplifies and Adds Agility to Processes (Tue/Wed) - The SAP Cloud for Planning solution is a future-oriented, people-centric, and analytics-embedded solution built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Learn how this solution can help simplify planning processes and see the ways it complements your other SAP solutions.
  3. BA804 Road Map Q&A: SAP Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management (Wed/Thu) - This session covers all the updated product road maps across SAP solutions for enterprise performance management. Learn about the strategic directions and latest development plans for each individual product: SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP Cloud for Planning, SAP Financial Consolidation, and more.

In addition, there are several GRC topics that will be covered at the booth including security and access governance, continuous monitoring and alerts for risk, fraud, and non-compliance events, as well as the newly announced ability to leverage most BI solutions on GRC data at no additional cost. Additional GRC focused sessions I’d recommend you add to your agenda include:

  1. SEC807   Road Map Q&A: SAP Access Control (Wed & Thu) - With SAP Access Control, you can move beyond manual processes for managing segregation of duties, critical and sensitive access, and super-user access. Learn how the application automates the compliant provisioning of users, design of roles, and periodic user and role certifications. In this session, learn about our plans for expanding its capabilities and addressing the key needs of the new trends.
  2. SEC160   Hands-On Lab: An Introduction to Using Key Features in SAP Access Control (Wed & Fri) - This hands-on session provides step-by-step instruction so you can fully utilize the main new features in the SAP Access Control application, including integration with SAP Fiori apps. Walk through the key steps in reviewing user access. Understand all the activities involved in a firefighting session. Learn how to submit and approve requests for user access.
  3. SEC102 Find the Hackers in Your Landscape with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (Tue & Thu) - SAP systems are increasingly in the sights of potential attackers, who know these systems contain critical business data. The SAP Enterprise Threat Detection application can help by leveraging the real-time power of the SAP HANA platform. As a result, you can identify attacks as they are happening and analyze threats quickly enough to neutralize them before serious damage can occur. This lecture examines the main ideas and features of SAP Enterprise Threat Detection.

If the above sessions aren’t enough to keep you going, there are many more available for you to peruse on the TechEd session catalog And of course, don’t forget to go and see the EPM and GRC teams at our booth on the show floor. Have a great TechEd!

For more info: (EPM) (GRC)